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I’m gonna be honest with you guys.

I havent been feeling that good about myself this week.

There are weeks when I feel great about myself and then there are weeks that I kind of get the blues. I look in the mirror and feel fat, not pretty enough, not good enough. I imagine a lot of people feel that way. Its hard to feel 100% about yourself all of the time. I’ve struggled with depression for years, and this week is just one of those weeks that its harder to keep that healthy mentality that I try so hard to keep.

Back in the day, this used to make me want to starve myself…to punish myself for not feeling good enough. It was a sad mindset and life to lead. Nowadays, I have my own coping mechanisms. I look in the mirror and I tell myself, “You are beautiful, hard-working and striving to be as healthy as possible, stop beating up on yourself”.

When I go through these blue emotions, I’m happy that I can pull myself out of it. Over-exercising and undereating doesnt solve anything, all it does is perpetuate this cycle of UNHEALTHY. That is not what I want to strive to be!

Sometimes you just gotta give yourself some love. Blow yourself a kiss and say, “I LOVE ME!”

Photo on 2012 02 09 at 20 23

It doesnt hurt to show off your super frizzy and messy hair and running medals in the background either πŸ™‚ I like to call this look the “I was too lazy to wash my hair this morning” look.

You know what helps to cheer me up? A good dose of endorphins! I had a great workout of 10 minutes stairmaster, 50 minutes elliptical and 20 minutes of upper body weight training.

My eats were pretty mediocre today except for a dinner that I had come up with this morning that Kevin was excited for…healthified taco salad! (yes, healthified is a word)

Here is what went into the mix:

1 pound ground turkey

1 packet lower sodium taco seasoning

1 small can of black beans

1 chopped tomato

1 chopped avocado drizzled with lime juice and a sprinkling of salt

1 package of frozen corn

Sprinkling of shredded cheddar

Sprinkling of tortilla strips

Dollop of plain greek yogurt

Romaine mix

IMG 3270


IMG 3272


IMG 3274

Heat up the corn on the stovetop:

IMG 3271

Brown the ground turkey completely:

IMG 3273

Once browned, drain. Then stir in taco seasoning, 2/3 cup of water, black beans and corn. Heat until boiling then lower to simmer, until everything thickens:

IMG 3275

Top salad with turkey mix, avocado, tomato, and whatever else you want!

IMG 3276

IMG 3277

I completely forgot until almost the end that we had tortilla strips and cheese so I didnt really eat much with that but it was DELISH regardless. Kevin really loved this dish, so we agreed it was a total keeper. I think he secretly loves that I trick him into eating semi-healthy πŸ™‚

Happy Thursday everyone! I get to “sleep” in until 720 tomorrow, huzzah!

Tell me…

Do you ever need to give yourself a pep talk?

What was your workout today?