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Guess what! Kevin gave me a ring as an early valentines day present!!

IMG 3296

Please dont mind the beer can in the background, i’m classy like that.

Beautiful, isnt it? 🙂

Valentine’s day is coming up so me and Kev gave each other our candy stashes a little early. He found the smallest box of candy to give me ever:

IMG 3297

I think I have enough candy to last me at least two days! 😉

In other news, it was snowing lightly enough that I was able to run outside yesterday. YAY! I had a great 13.5 mile run with no pain in my IT band. I’m starting to feel alot more confident in my marathon training abilities. I wont be able to sign up for Team in Training until April, but i’m getting more and more excited!

Its amazing to me how I dont feel hungry at all after my long runs. I was in the mood for something lighter yesterday so me and the sister went to Saladworks. I had a create your own salad with BBQ chicken, egg, white beans, cherry tomatoes, spinach and blue cheese crumbles. perfection!

IMG 3282

I cant stand dressing mixed into my salad. I like to dip my fork into my the dressing and have every bite with a little dressing. Deliciousness 🙂

The sister brought Nacho’s girlfriend Nina along this weekend. Me and Kev are going to stay in a B&B in New Hope for Valentines Day from Mon-Weds, so my sister is going to apartement sit and petsit. Nacho and Nina like to have staring contests often. True love.

IMG 3283

Nacho gets into an even more playful mood whenever she’s around.

IMG 3290

IMG 3293

IMG 3294

Nina is such a beautiful, sweet dog. I love her. I’m going to take her to the vet this week because we are pretty sure she has an ear infection. Notice the scabs in her ear? Poor thing 😦

My hunger definitely kicked in as soon as I woke up this morning. All I wanted was a delicious cheeseburger. We headed to Red Robin, its necessary to get the onion ring tower as an appetizer:

IMG 3286

I had the burning love burger and enjoyed every bite:

IMG 3287

Bottomless fries=perfect sunday.

You know what else made it a perfect sunday? The fact that the Shamrock Shake is back at McDonalds:

IMG 3288

Such a nutritious weekend, hahaha.

I’m so excited to have three days off from work this week and even more excited to spend some quality time with my man. Its going to be a good week. Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!

Tell me…

How was your weekend?

Are you excited about the return of the Shamrock Shake?

Any exciting Valentines Day plans?