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I love days that start off with 9 mile runs 😉 I was only planning on doing 7.5 miles but felt awesome this morning fueled by all my healthy food choices yesterday. I came back to see that Kev was already up and packing for our valentines day trip already, word! I made us some egg salad sandwiches and we were on our way! The Bed and Breakfast we are staying at is really cute 🙂

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IMG 3300

We got into town in early afternoon time so we had some time to walk around and peruse the different shops. I picked up some amazing pear balsamic..one of my favorite finds of the day:

IMG 3307

My second favorite find of the day? Chocolate covered twinkines. I’m keeping up the healthy eating mentality here apparently:

IMG 3304

Messy hair included. I have a good hair day everyday, no worries.

I tried to look like a semi-girl for dinner. I think I succeeded. Im sorry, I’m in love with my pleather leggings and sequined Uggs. FANCY!

IMG 3308

We had dinner at this really cute place called Karlas. We went for baked brie as the appetizer and chased it down with plenty of bread:

IMG 3309

IMG 3311

IMG 3315

IMG 3316

I tried the fuzzy monkey martini…it was a little strong for my taste but still yummy:

IMG 3314

IMG 3312

They had a yummy house salad with thai dressing. I tried not to embarrass Kev by licking the plate afterwards:

IMG 3317

Kev went with the porkchop for dinner. I went with the Cod with spinach and sundried tomatoes. I’m an absolute sucker for anything that involves fish, spinach and sundried tomatoes. Droolface 🙂

IMG 3320

We barely had room for dessert but managed to sneak in the Peanut Butter bomb and Apple Cobbler. Not gonna lie, the PB bomb was the star of the night:

IMG 3321

Everything is perfect here…I cant imagine a better time then good food, good atmosphere and alone time with one of the people I love most in life.

I hope your Valentines day celebration is just as good 🙂 Happy Monday!!