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I was not feeling too hot when I woke up yesterday morning.

My legs were SORE and I felt completely dehydrated. I did not drink nearly enough water on Monday and running while dehydrated is never a good idea. omaigaaaa. I was chugging water all day like it was my JOB. I decided to sleep in a little bit with Kev and we headed down to breakfast….soooo cute!

IMG 3388

They started off with fresh fruit, yogurt and homemade granola. They brought out a spinach egg bake second and then ended with Banana Ricotta muffins…everything was delicious. Afterwards, I headed out for a run. I didnt feel too hot still and wanted to keep it shorter after the 9 miles on monday. I got a good feel for the area and ended up doing a little over 5 miles. Not too bad on tired legs 😉

We decided to head out to Peddlers Village nearby. It was a really cute area of unique shops and restaurants. We both had a blast looking around:

IMG 3325


IMG 3328

IMG 3329

IMG 3330

IMG 3332

Golden macadamia popcorn? Right up my alley!

IMG 3334

IMG 3337

IMG 3338

We decided to stop at Earl’s for lunch, a place recommended by Nadine, one of the owners of the B&B we were staying at!

IMG 3340

IMG 3341

We didnt want to eat anything TOO crazy since we had dinner reservations for 7 pm but we were pretty hungry by that point. We started off with black bean sliders:

IMG 3345

And decided to split a chopped salad and a lamb burger:

IMG 3347

IMG 3348

I didnt really touch many of the fries, I was too in love with this salad…soooo darn good!

It was a really nice, chill Valentines day lunch! We finished up looking around and decided to relax in our room together until dinner. It was a little rainy but still a nice night out. We had dinner at the Lambertville Station.

IMG 3351

IMG 3352

We decided to split a bowl of the lobster bisque…entirely healthy in all its creamy glory:

IMG 3353

I went with the seared scallops and shrimp with lobster risotto:

IMG 3356

The scallops and shrimp were excellent…the lobster risotto was also good but I didnt eat a ton of it…it was really rich..a little too rich for my taste but the scallops more then made up for it 🙂

Kev had ostrich with mashed potatoes…he said he enjoyed it thoroughly:

IMG 3357

We ended the meal with espresso and they gave us some sweethearts and chocolates at the end!

IMG 3358

IMG 3361

IMG 3359

The place was pretty cute and romantic…in my opinion a bit overpriced. I think going here once is good enough for me, and in the end I’m just happy we got to have a nice dinner together.

We stopped at Havana afterwards just to talk to for a little bit since we werent in the mood to end the night at 9:00 pm…I sipped on Chimay and Kev got crazy with his NA beers…a lovely end to a lovely night.

IMG 3364

IMG 3368

IMG 3370

The next day we woke up, sad that our trip was coming to an end. I felt much better after overhydrating all of yesterday. Legs were still feeling a little sore but nowhere near as bad as Monday. We had another charming breakfast that included quiche and bagels and fruit…yum. I headed out for a 6.5 mile run while Kev was busy snapping photos of the Wedgwood B&B…such a good blogger boyfriend.

IMG 3376

IMG 3377

IMG 3379

IMG 3380

IMG 3381

IMG 3386

IMG 3393

IMG 3394

IMG 3398

IMG 3399

If you are ever in New Hope, do yourself a favor and check this place out. I got to meet Carl this morning, who is Nadine’s husband and also the owner and they are both so friendly and so sweet. Our whole stay was really enjoyable and the place was really quaint and cute. I’d love to come when the weather is warmer and the town is a little more lively and I’m sure that we will return at some point. It was an amazing Valentine’s getaway and I feel so lucky and so blessed to be with such a wonderful man…getting to share this stay together was just the icing on the cake 😉

Speaking of which…I’ve been way off my eating this week and after inhaling pounds of chocolate, macadamia nut popcorn and other not-so-healthy foods, I’m more then ready to get back on track tomorrow. I hate running three days in a row, like I did this week but i’m planning on foam rolling tonight and cross-training for the next two days. There will be times that I get sidetracked with my nutrition, but getting back on track is key. At least I exercised the whole time right? 😉

Hope everyone had a lovely Valentines Day…even if you are single, its a nice day just to have fun and appreciate the loved ones in your life!