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I was feeling a little better when I woke up this morning…but as I was at work, was slowly feeling not so hot. Why does that always happen? Maybe i’m allergic to work? šŸ˜‰

I decided to do 7 miles very easy on the treadmill today. I’m aware it probably was not the best idea…but I assure you, I would not of ran if I was feeling deathly ill.

Lunch today was a repeat of yesterday…goes to show just how boring I can be!

IMG 3467

Except the star of the show clearly goes to the leftover sweet potatoes from last night. Kevin bogarted the meatloaf to himself, but he knew better not to finish off those sweet potatoes. My fury is triggered by lack of wings and/or sweet potatoes.

IMG 3468

I was still feeling hungry so I grabbed one of the semi healthier things from the vending machine:

IMG 3469

I’m not really a huge fan of fiber one products…they kind of make my tummy feel weird and I dont have much issue getting my fiber intake on for the day…but whatevs. This wasnt that bad and satisfied my sweet tooth for 2.5 seconds.

I always feel hungrier when I’m sick…never fails.

Look at how interesting and daring I am…dinner was another semi-repeat of last night, I made myself the same salad including spinach, cranberries, carrots, blue cheese crumbles, walnuts and pear balsamic:

IMG 3470

I also made myself an egg white omelette with a sprinkling of mozzarella using the newish egg beaters I had bought:

IMG 3472

These are..interesting. I liked them, but dont think I’d buy them again. They dont seem as versatile to me as the southwest flavored eggbeaters…I dont see myself eating this with anything other then mozzarella cheese šŸ˜‰

IMG 3473

And for dessert, I snuck in a few spoonfuls of this beauty…

IMG 3474

Tiramisu is probably one of my favoritest desserts ever. Despite this fact, I never push to order it when me and Kevin go out to eat. I dont think he’s a huge fan and I always let him pseudo-choose desserts…you know, when you tell your significant other to choose and then veto down their ideas because you dont want to voice out your own opinion? šŸ˜‰ He never says Tiramisu as his choice and I never voice my LOVE for it! Well Kevin, here it is. I love Tiramisu and let me order it as our next dessert, pretty please? P.S. dont touch my ice cream in the meantime.

I’m getting to bed real early tonight in hopes to wake up feeling refreshed for a 5:30 am workout…ummm, wishful thinking probably but we shall see what happens!

By the way, I inadvertently ate no meat today–go me, its ash weds!!! hahaha

Tell me…

Do you like egg beaters at all or do you mostly just use regular eggs?

Do you like Tiramisu?

Are you usually the one to pick out desserts at dinner or do you use my method? šŸ˜‰