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I felt a lot better this morning…something happened with my paycheck that got me in a bad mood though. What better way to remedy that but with a good workout? I did 15 minutes on the stairmaster, 45 minutes on the arctrainer and then 20 minutes upper body weight training. The day wasnt off to the best start but on the other hand, I was happy to finally be feeling a little better.

The other thing that brightened up my morning was oatmeal with PB. Seriously, my top contender for favoritest breakfasts lately.

IMG 3475

The weather here today was completely wonky but really gorgeous..it was 60 out today! Very odd for the end of February…global warming in play? πŸ˜‰ Its been a weird winter but i’m not really complaining. I do like snow but its really annoying to deal with and even more annoying to drive in terrible conditions to work 😦 At least we avoided that this winter. The weather today made me wistful for spring/summer runs. I cant WAIT!

I told Kev even though I’m not in the best financial position after today that I still totally wanted sushi…he agreed. It was the silver lining in an otherwise crappy day πŸ™‚

We always get firecrackers…which are deep fried shrimp goodness:

IMG 3478

Thank god there is only 4 in an order…otherwise we’d be in trouble πŸ˜‰

I had a phoenix roll..which was tuna with spicy mayo on the outside, and shrimp, avocado and asparagus on the inside. I also ordered the tapple roll…tuna with fuji apple and a touch of japanese mayo…yum yum yum

IMG 3477

Me and Kev always joke around about how lucky we are that we both love sushi and can share these kind of dinners together..but yeah, I know there are a lot of sushi haters out there. Truthfully, I hated sushi at first because of the texture but now I LURVEEE it!

I also decided it was time for Nacho to get a serious bath. Its been at least a couple of weeks since his last one. Nacho is so small he’s easily washed in the sink but he acts terrified every single time we wash him. Please excuse the completely gummy and messy smile by me at the end…I was just trying to make him as comfy and dry as possible when it was over:

IMG 3484

IMG 3480

IMG 3481

IMG 3482

IMG 3483

IMG 3485

IMG 3486

IMG 3488

He’s so fresh and so clean clean now!

I’m going to try and force myself to stay up until a crazy late 11 pm to catch jersey shore…I’m just glad its the end of the week and I’m done with the sickface…lets bring on the weekend soon!!

Tell me…

Do you like sushi? whats your favorite kind?

How is the weather where you live? Weird at all?

If you own a dog, do they like taking a bath?