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Its been quite a weekend to say the least.

Saturday morning started off with dreary weather. Shocking. I have unbelievable luck with increment weather during my runs. There was light rain for 2 hours and then beautifully sunny for the rest of the day. Go figure. 13.5 miles done and done and thats all that matters 🙂 Despite the light rain, it was actually really nice out…a cool 50 degrees. I can’t WAIT for spring weather running!

The rest of the day was taken up with preparations for Nina’s 20th birthday party. She’s terrible at taking pictures…as in, she wont actually pose for pictures or take any…hahaha. I did snag a picture of the sweet birthday cake that our friend Staci made her!!

IMG 3612

IMG 3615

She did an incredible job on it, it tastes as good as it looks, I promise. We all had a great time together last night…it was a bunch of my friends and Nina’s friends. Alot of food and drink were had 🙂

We got an unexpected call at midnight that we’d be inviting an unexpected new guest into the world…

IMG 3604

Meet Gavin Matthew Larson…born today, March 4th at 8:05 am. Kevin got a call from his mom at midnight that his sister was going into labor…a full 2 weeks before she was due! Kevin went to the hospital to be with his family until she delivered…Me and Nina drove over to the hospital at 7:30 am this morning to visit with everyone. It was great to meet the little guy…everyone was over the moon 🙂

IMG 3603

IMG 3608

IMG 3610

Nina joked that the baby was totally stealing her thunder by being born on her birthday! Now we have even more to celebrate during March. Afterwards, we spent time with my family celebrating Nina’s birthday. I’ve been a terrible blogger with not taking many pictures documenting this incredible weekend but believe me when I say it was awesome. March is being good to us so far!

Tell me…

How was your weekend, anything exciting?

Whats your favorite kind of cake?

How did you get your workout on this weekend?