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I’m the first to admit that most Mondays, i’m not the chippest person you’ve ever seen. I’m always afflicted with the worst case of the mondays. The weekends seem to go by too quickly, my time with Kevin is done with and the usual thing on Mondays is that I dont see him until late, and i’m kicking off another week at work…not much to celebrate in my eyes.

There was just something different about today. I woke up and the sun was shining, the skies were clear blue, I didn’t mind rolling out of bed…at all. What was going on with me today? Happy on a Monday just doesnt happen.

Then again, when you have a weekend as good as mine was, starting a new week doesn’t feel too bad. I got to celebrate my sisters birthday, spend time with my family, and welcome a newborn safe and sound into the family. I feel really lucky and blessed to have everything that I have in my life. I’m happily amused by all of the preggo women that are popping up (i’m talking to you, cousins, celebrities, friends, and the beautiful Janae!!) Its hard for me to find something to be sad for today.

I have a feeling that there are only wonderful things in store for me and for the people I care about. Optimism alllll the way!

Its also hard to be sad when you have such a delicious lunch ahead of you:

IMG 3619

PB and banana sandwich…oh how i’ve missed you. It was enjoyed with a delicious, sweet, honeycrisp apple.

IMG 3618

7 miles were done today speedily on the treadmill. My foot is acting up…still. I’m diligently rolling it as I type. I’m going to try to roll it out at work as well, I’ll just have to get over the strange looks my co-workers will give me when I have a look of pain on my face for an hour a day. Nothing out of the norm, right?

I’ll give you a hint, you will see me making alot of egg salad when we have absolutely nothing in our fridge. Even when that happens, we always have eggs and mayo for some reason. I decided to get all gourmet on myself and add some dijon mustard. it hit the spot though, i’m not complaining 🙂

IMG 3627

Guess what the best treat ever was today? Even better then my lunch…

IMG 3624

IMG 3620

How have I never thought to try goat cheese with honey? It’s like I never really lived before. Life has new purpose!!! Kevin, I love you enough that I might be willing to share…maybe.

The day is just not complete without this in my hands:

IMG 3630

I knew there was something missing until then…

I’m ready to bring on the rest of the week! It’s almost springtime and daylight savings…I’m counting down the days baby!

Tell me…

Are you a fan of mondays?

Whats the best thing youve thrown together with an empty fridge to work with?

Are you excited for spring?!