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My crosstraining is usually spent while reading books on my iPad…I love reading on it because its alot easier then lugging books around but it does baffle me as to why they are still pretty expensive as compared to buying actual books…hmm. i’m digressing already.

My current read?


I read a lot of different things, different authors, different genres…so now i’m stuck on Emily Giffin lately. I started off with Something Borrowed, which I really enjoyed. (Ahem, the movie not so much) I then moved onto Something Blue, which was decent as well. This is the third book by Emily I am reading…and I have completely mixed feelings about it now. I dont have much left, but we will see how it ends. Emily has a knack for building a very good, easygoing story. The problem I have with this book is that I cant agree with the morals put forward so far…I dont quite know how to explain it without ruining it. Have you ever read a book that you just am not sure how to relate to? The story was just making me shake my head during a lot of my workout this morning and left me on a sad note. Again, i’m not at the end of it yet but curious as to if anybody else has had a book have that affect on you? Do share!

Workout this morning included 20 minutes on the stairmaster, 40 minutes on the arctrainer, and 20 minutes weight training. I definitely got sweaty and sore from this one!

I was reunited with an old friend for breakfast this morning:

IMG 3631

Mango Chobani, how I’ve missed you!! I mixed in 1/4 cup of kashi go lean crunch with it, it was a good, protein filled breakfast.

Lunch was protein packed as well, in the form of a tuna sandwich:

IMG 3632

I havent had tuna in a while! I dont like it overwhelmed with mayo, so I only added 1 tsp and a sprinkling of salt and pepper. My side included a heaping pile of veggies:

IMG 3633

Steamed broccoli and cauliflower seasoned with just salt and pepper. It felt good to get some greens into my afternoon.

That wasnt enough though…I knew I wanted some with dinner as well.

Spinach never ceases to amaze me. I used a bag of baby spinach and I love how it goes from a big pile…into…a really tiny pile. I think next time I need to make myself TWO bags šŸ˜‰ I sauteed it with a tablespoon of olive oil, two cloves of garlic, and drizzled it with lemon juice:

IMG 3634

I also microwaved a potato, for once I wasnt in the mood for a sweet potato! Hard to believe, I know. I melted a little bit of cheese onto it and topped it with a dollop of greek yogurt.

IMG 3635

IMG 3638

Its been a day of weird eats I suppose. I’m sad we dont really have any ice cream in the house right now…our kitchen is screaming for a trip to the supermarket….yet again šŸ˜¦ Hopefully tomorrow!

I’m currently rolling my foot, hoping that baked potato makes as good fuel for my run tomorrow morning. Starchy things tend to work well for me. Its funny how fueling is such a process of trial and error…sometimes the foods I think will be perfect end up horribly…(i’m thinking about the mistake of the goat cheese quinoa from last friday, forgot to tell you guys that it DIDNT work out so well!)

We’re almost to the halfway point of the week šŸ™‚

Tell me…

What are you currently reading?

Favorite baked potato toppings?

Spinach fan, or no?