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Sorry I missed you all yesterday…I was really beat by the end of the day and it was pretty uneventful so I decided to sleep it off.

Yesterdays 7 mile run went well, but my right foot is really acting up. I’ve been rolling it and icing it constantly, but I’m not sure its getting any better. I’m considering seeing a sports doctor to see what they have to say. It doesnt bother me much while I’m actually running but afterwards, it definitely throbs. 😦

The past two days have been all about salads…lunch yesterday was from the Shop-Rite salad bar…mixture of chickpeas, broccoli, hard boiled egg, tomatoes, mushrooms and grilled chicken:

IMG 3639

And a delicious black cherry soda on the side. I cant resist those..its only once in a while that I get to have them:

IMG 3640

Dinner was saladworks πŸ˜‰ Its been a while since I’ve had a buffalo chicken salad!

IMG 3641

Workout this morning was 15 minutes on the stairmaster, 45 minutes on the elliptical and 20 minutes of upper body weight training. My weight has been creeping up a little over the past couple weeks…I need to better my eating AND change up my workouts a bit. Its a known fact that you need to change up your workouts every couple of weeks to prevent your body from getting too used to the same workout. I want to replace the elliptical with more spinning. I am also setting goals for myself that include MUCH more fruits and veggies a day and ALOT less sweets. I’m going to plan my meals out for next week and I cant wait to share! Maintenance is a lot about trial and error. My clothes fit the same, but despite this fact, I really do want to better my diet. I eat a good balance of things but would like to UP the healthier things and LOWER the unhealthy things!

I took a half day today because I needed to get my car serviced and we stopped by Kevins sisters house to see baby Gavin…it maybe melted my heart a little to see Kevin hold him πŸ™‚

IMG 3643

We also got to hang out with Colin for a little bit…we spent the afternoon watching Sesame Street…more exciting then your afternoon right?

Favoritest Sesame Street character? Oscar the Grouch for sure!

We stopped for dinner at Maggianos. Kevin gets a discount there so whenever we are close to it, we take advantage of it. Good thing there was one 5 minutes from his sisters house.

The warm bread cant be beat:

IMG 3645

We tried out an appetizer of pepperoni fondue. It was probably really fatty but absolutely delicious:

IMG 3647

Our entrees were some of the best chopped salads ever. I could eat 10 pounds of it..and I suppose I did!

IMG 3649

There was around 1 pound of avocado on it…these people know how to spoil you.

I’m off to ice my foot…hope you all are having a great thursday!

Tell me…

How do you shake up your workouts?

Do you LOVE salads as much as I do?

What is your favorite way to get in your veggies?