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Guess how my morning started off?

I walked into the kitchen to see the freezer door open…and raw chicken/melted ice cream all over the floor. SOMEHOW the cats got into the freezer and had themselves a feast. I shouldve known by the fact that they were not meowing outside my bedroom door as per usual when I woke up. I was annoyed, but tried not to let it bother me and went on my way to work.

So as I was gathering my things out of the car to walk into the building…I drop my water bottle and my coffee thermos. My coffee spilled everywhere and on my pants. I got upset because if you know me, you know I cant live without my coffee in the mornings anymore. UGH! andddd my water bottle cracked, so RIP to my pink Nathan water bottle. Thank gosh for the work cafeteria, I was able to buy some coffee as soon as I settled in. I texted Kevin immediately, because I was scared of this turning into a ridiculously bad day. He told me not to sweat the small, silly things..ahh, he was right.

Breakfast cheered me up a bit. Microwaved egg beaters with cheddar cheese on a sandwich thin. A bottle of ketchup was necessary on top:

IMG 3652

The rest of the day was stressful but I somehow made it through. I also made it through a 5.5 mile run during my lunch break. I’ve been feeling kind of off in my Mizunos for the past two weeks and debated back and forth whether I should return them to Road Runner Sports. I felt bad because this would be the second pair of shoes that I was returning in the past month and a half 😦 Luckily, RRS has an amazing return policy for their VIP members. I have 90 days to try out a pair of shoes and if I dont like them, I can return them. Pretty suhhhweeet right?

Kevin convinced me to at least get over there and talk to them about my issues so thats what I did right after work. I explained how when I first started running I was recommended to wear neutral shoes. I work neutral shoes for 2 years and ran two half marathons in them as well. After my 2nd, I was having alot of issues with my left foot. I wasnt sure if it was a stress fracture or what, but I went to the store and had my feet re-analyzed. They recommended that I switch over to a stability shoe with inserts to alleviate the issue. it WORKED! So..for two years, i’ve been wearing stability shoes. With my mileage creeping higher, thats when I started having IT band issues and thats when they told me to try the stability shoe without the inserts. I thought maybe I needed to switch back to neutral shoes…possibly with inserts. The guy was awesome and patiently went through so many different shoes with me…recording my feet on the treadmill with each one that I tried on. He joked in an ideal world, I should be wearing a neutral shoe on my left foot and a stability shoe on my right. He was baffled by how my feet were…I’m an overpronator and I was supinating. He ruled out Mizunos right away, my feet looked the worst in them…i guess the wave plate doesnt do much for me. The best shoes were the Saucony Guide 5. If these dont work out for me, I’ll need to try a neutral shoe with an insert. Since my feet are so weird its just going to be a process of trial and error. The guy was awesome though and I’m hoping these work out for me!

IMG 3655

Crazy, but its so important to wear the right shoes. Otherwise you can have a whole mess of issues on your hands…or feet rather 😦

I also picked up a lovely new water bottle!

IMG 3654

Hydration= Happy Theresa

I was all about a healthy dinner tonight. I picked up this sauce at the supermarket today. I’m a sucker for spicy sauces:

IMG 3653

I basted my salmon with it and drizzled it over the brown rice I made for a side:

IMG 3656

Delicious and simple πŸ™‚ I know, finally ran out of quinoa so I had to change it up a little bit. I’m thinking this is some good fuel for tomorrows long run.

Happy Friday!!! Hope yours wasnt nearly as crazy as mine, lol.