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What a weekend!

Saturday morning’s 14 miler turned into a 15 miler…whoops! I felt pretty good and the new shoes are working decently so far. Only time will tell!

I got to spend some time with my brother and sister on Saturday night…it was fun πŸ™‚ I dont get to spend much time with my brother so I’m glad he came down.

Sunday was spent running errands…Me and Kev headed to Whole Foods together…I had to finish up shopping for the Foodie Penpals program that I’ve joined. Its my first month joining so I’m excited! Check it out on Lindseys blog if you get a chance!

IMG 3659

I wish whole foods was closer to us..its a 20 minute drive away but well worth it. Go figure, they opened one up right next to my parents as soon as I moved out πŸ˜‰

We fueled up with some shamrock shakes…they are a must, especially a week before St. Pattys day:

IMG 3658

We kept up the productive streak and took White Mamba for a car wash. Kevin was amused by this sign while we were waiting for them to wipe down the car:

IMG 3660

Pretty funny huh? πŸ™‚

We went out a little later to hang out with our friend Ron since it was his birthday…wings were had, but no pictures taken. FAIL. Yesterday went by way too quickly, thats the only downside to the whole Daylight Savings thing. It was awesome for it to be light out until 7 though!

Right back onto the healthy eating bandwagon today. Breakfast was off to a good start:

IMG 3661

Its been forever since i’ve had this flavor, i forgot how DELICIOUS it is! I tossed some cocoa roast almonds into the mix as well. yummy!

I ran 7 miles on the treadmill today. My left foot was feeling a little wonky in the new shoes..I’m kind of just hoping its an off day because I really would like to stick with these shoes and not have to do yet another return 😦

Lunch was turkey and cheese on a sandwich thin. A banana was had as well, of course. Cant make it through a day without at least one banana:

IMG 3662

Dinner was completely and utterly random…just the way I like it. I made myself an egg beater omelette with spinach and shredded pepper jack:

IMG 3663

IMG 3666

I also heated up some of the leftover brown rice from Friday…with a drizzling of the General Tso’s sauce:

IMG 3665

I also tried out this soda that I picked up at Whole Foods yesterday…I saw it on Brittany’s blog and just had to try it for myself. She was right, it was really delicious. If you are a cream soda fan, give it a try!

IMG 3664

And so another week begins. Its ridiculously beautiful outside this week, I see more outdoor runs in my future! YAY!!

Tell me…

What something new that youve tried lately that you loved?

Do you like Whole Foods? Is there one close to you?

How was YOUR weekend?