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I’m a complete and utter ditz.

I have no idea why I was under the impression that it would suddenly start to get light out earlier. DUH, we just forwarded the clocks. I’m sure glad my college degree shines through most days.

I definitely hit up the treadmill today. A little over 7 speedy miles. My foot wasnt feeling too hot today so I’ve been rolling and icing it and its feeling a bit better. Still researching night splints and possible doctor visits…le sigh. I’m sure my foot will feel better with rest tomorrow. Spinning class and weights on the agenda in the morning!

Lunch today included another gourmet turkey and muenster sandwich:

IMG 3673

Fuzzy photography=professional

On the side, a replica of last nights salad!

IMG 3674

There are a handful of tomatoes left, I’m sure I’ll be scarfing them down by the end of tomorrow before Kevin notices that I actually left some šŸ˜‰

I knew I wasnt eating dinner till much later then usual so as soon as I got home, I hit up my chobani stash for a snack:

IMG 3675

Kevin and I had to head to his friend’s wake. His mother sadly passed away earlier this week. I dont know his friend very well, but the times I have met him..he’s a genuinely awesome person. I like the people that you meet and you can just TELL they are good people (which can be a rarity nowadays..) I know he reads here, so he knows our sympathy and condolences are there with him during this tough time šŸ™‚

There is a bright side to the day…on the other side of the spectrum, I’d like to wish one of my very best friends a ridiculously happy birthday. She’s like my sister, absolutely couldnt make it through life without her. Happy Birthday my dear Caroline!

IMG 2717

On the way home, Kevin offered to buy me dinner. How could I pass up that opportunity? Outback it was!

We ate about 5 loaves of bread. Carbs are always a necessity:

IMG 3676

I had a salad with the delicious tangy tomato dressing they had. and my iPhoto program completely refuses to rotate this picture..my bad šŸ˜‰

IMG 3677

You get the idea, hahaha.

I had salmon with veggies. I know its a steakhouse but their salmon is just too good to ever pass up:

IMG 3678

IMG 3679

I did pretty decently on the veggie front today…for once. If only I could keep this up every day.

Today has been pretty much a whirlwind. Life is always such a crazy thing…for reasons I’ll never completely understand. At least its Weds and we are getting closer to the weekend right?

Tell me…

How do you get your veggies in every day? Are you usually successful?

Are you excited for St Pattys Day coming up?

Random, but favorite greek yogurt flavor?