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The weekend was a lot of fun but of course went by too quickly. I woke up yesterday with my shins killing me. I wore my favorite green converses to our St Pattys day outing…and there were some escapades that went down that involved me running in them for a couple of blocks…suffice to say, converses are NOT for running. I gave myself the day off yesterday but still woke up sore today. I will never look at my beloved shoes the same way 😦

IMG 3716

I wasnt sure if I should attempt running today but decided to play it by ear. The day was beautiful and clear and I was dying for an outdoor run after work. My shins were feeling a little better after work so I decided to attempt it…ummm…probably not the best idea. I wasnt feeling too great by the end of the 7.5 miles and decided to try an ice soak for the first time. I filled a pail with ice and cold water and soaked my legs one at a time…its really no bueno at first but once your leg goes a little numb its not…too bad.

IMG 3714

SOOO not looking forward to those future ice baths during marathon training! :/

In other news, food was pretty standard for today. Breakfast was a bagel flat with strawberry cream cheese…I hate to glob it on there obviously:

IMG 3711

Lunch was saladworks..which disappointed me because they messed up my order for a usual buffalo chicken salad. It should have grilled buffalo chicken, blue cheese crumbles, cherry tomatoes, peppers and tortilla strips…and for some reason they put carrots and cheddar on there instead. whaaaaa? I think theres a huge joke being played on me because each time i’ve ordered something over the past two days, my order has been screwed up. BANANAS!

IMG 3712

The warm wheat roll mightve made up for it a little. Carbs are my best friend 🙂

IMG 3713

Dinner was an egg beater omelette with shredded pepper jack and spinach…served on a flax seed sandwich thin. I’m a spinach fiend lately. Did you know that I idolize popeye? 😉

IMG 3715

I’m hoping all the icing tonight helps out tomorrow. Take a lesson from me kids, 1.) never run in converses…or any other shoes that arent running shoes for that matter and 2.) listen to your body, it knows what it needs for the most part.

Tell me…

Have you ever gotten injured by wearing the wrong shoes for something?

Ever taken an ice bath?

Whats your favorite kind of cream cheese?