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Lets start from the beginning of yesterday, shall we?

I woke up for spinning, it was an awesome workout but my ankle was still no bueno…spinning felt fine, but I was sad thinking I’d have to give up my run on Friday if my ankle didnt feel better and god forbid Saturday too…

Needless to say, I iced it a couple times yesterday, each time feeling better then the first. Maybe I will be able to take an ice bath eventually without wanting to completely die?

Lunch was leftover pasta…amusingly enough, I thought the container wasnt that big but once I was done, I seriously felt like I had eaten 10 pounds of pasta. Looks can be deceiving.

IMG 3730

I knew all I wanted for dinner was something light. Me and Kev had a dinner/movie date night planned. We went to Gusto Grill nearby and grabbed a quick bite…I had a grilled shrimp, strawberry and goat cheese salad…it seriously hit the spot:

IMG 3731

I love having a meal at a restaurant that doesnt make me feel like I need unbutton my pants by the end…of course I still enjoy those days once in a while 😉

We went to see 21 Jump Street and it was pretty ridiculous but funny…it was crazy coming out of the movie because people were already mobbing the theatre for the midnight showing of the Hunger Games…ay ay ay, and I thought Twilight mania was crazy. By the time we got home, it was already 11:30 and I was wayyy too pooped to blog, thus the missing post from last night.

My ankle was feeling better this morning but definitely not a 100% so I chose not to run and do crosstraining instead. I did 20 minutes on the stairclimber and 40 minutes on the elliptical…it was a surprisingly good workout! I’ve decided that I simply cannot push my body when it obviously needs to heal..if my ankle doesnt feel 100% tomorrow, I wont be running. Its really tough for me to say that but i’d rather forego one weekend of running then several weekends of running because I seriously injured myself. I’m learning to read my body as well as I can and I dont want to push myself too hard. I’m going to play it by ear but if the ankle is still no bueno, I’ll be hitting up spinning tomorrow morning!

This is the sexyness that is me icing my foot under my desk at work…hanky panky going on under there!

IMG 3732

You dont need to tell me how gorgeous and feminine my feet are, I already know that, thank you! You are so kind 🙂

You know what takes the edge off icing my foot? Eating a bagel flat smothered in this perfection:

IMG 3733

I havent had this kind in a long time but all I have to say is…reunited and it feels sooo goooddd!!


I picked up this wonderful selection on the way home from the gym:

IMG 3734

I was craving fresh fruit BIG time and this container was heaven. I’m very particular about the consistency of my blueberries and these were absolutely divine. And ahem, blackberries, where have you been all my life? You are so delicious that I cant even get mad at you for getting seeds in my teeth!

I think they need to make bigger plates for my dinner salads. Shouldnt a plate be able to hold a whole bag of lettuce?

IMG 3735

iPhoto likes to torture us with sideways pictures, please turn your head to the side for full enjoyment. Into the mix is baked salmon, tomatoes, croutons, blue cheese crumbles and spring mix. The best ration is 5 croutons to each tomato right?

Yay, its Friday night and I have laundry to fold…I mean, clubs to hop..and stuff. Have a good one!