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I definitely did not ice enough last night because my ankle was sore this morning. It wasnt nearly as bad as it was last week, but still. Dealing with the PF and my ankle is a total downer….even though I try to keep as happy and optimistic as possible here…I’m human and I get frustrated with myself. My body has done amazing things weight loss wise, but its giving me a lot of issues with running lately. I can only hope that things get better. I have faith that they will. I want running to feel perfect again.

I wasnt feeling great this morning even besides my ankle so took it easy with 1 hour on the elliptical and 15 minutes of lower body weight training. I was really into the new book I put on my iPad last night!

Defending jacob book cover a p

The description caught my attention so I went for it and so far, so good. I’ve really been enjoying it, hopefully I feel the same way by the end šŸ˜‰

Icing works miracles I tell you. As soon as I got to work, I used my frozen water bottle on my ankle and my foot for a while and I felt 1000% better. I’ve iced my ankle at least 4 times today and its worked like a charm. I’m not entirely sure if I will run tomorrow, but I will see how I feel when I wake up. I’m looking forward to my doctor appointment on Thursday…hoping I can finally find some sort of help for my issues.

Breakfast today was another greek yogurt bowl…its chilly outside but this combination is way too good to pass up:

IMG 3765

I really enjoy the staying power of this breakfast…and it makes me happy to use the crate of blackberries we bought from Costco over the weekend šŸ™‚ Kevin realizes that the blackberries are just like my obsession with cherry tomatoes so i’m pretty sure he isnt expecting any to be left by the time he remembers we bought them…at least he has 200 packages of string cheese to pass the time away. Our shopping lists are the weirdest things ever…I love that we’re on a similar weird wavelength.

Lunch was turkey and muenster on a sandwich thin:

IMG 3766

I had to gobble down my side quickly since I had a meeting to run to, sorry for the crappy picture of my delicious honeydew!

IMG 3767

Honeydews are on my top 5 list of favorite fruits but they are so expensive! As soon as I see them on sale at the supermarket I pick one up…and this week I FINALLY got my chance! It took all my self control not to faceplant into the melon while I was chopping it up this morning šŸ™‚

Dinner was weird but good…I finally heated up a pack of frozen edamame that we had in the freezer:

IMG 3769

It was kind of tedious de-shelling the beans but well worth it. I want to say it added up to about a cup when they were deshelled. I added that to a pot of brown rice I put together and drizzled General Tso’s sauce over it…It was a big plate of rice and really filling:

IMG 3771

Oh dont worry, I filled up on a big bowl of slow churned cookies and cream as well..I just inhaled it before taking a picture šŸ˜‰

I’m going to try to keep a smile on my face and keep the faith that I will finally start to feel better. Its more fun being optimistic then just plain depressed!

Tell me…

What did you have for dinner tonight?

Are you a fan of edamame? How do you like to eat it?

Any current fruit obsessions?