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Its experiences like these that make me realize that the human body is in fact…human. My ankle was feeling ok this morning so I ran my usual 7 miles…its not feeling any better or any worse and i’ve been icing constantly today. I’m really nervous about the doctor tomorrow but only because I have a feeling I know what they will tell me…which is probably to stop running for the time being. I know running doesnt completely define me as a person, but to be honest, I feel lost without it. I’m feeling sad and conflicted about everything…but as I was lamenting to Kevin, I’d rather have this happen now and try to get over it then later down the line when I’d have to drop out of marathon training. At least marathon training won’t start until late May/early June.

Wish me luck, i’m hoping that I’m finally on my way to getting better. My body might not be superhuman but that doesnt mean my dedication is gone. If I end up not being able to run, I will just need to keep active in new ways. I’m hoping to buy a road bike in the next couple of weeks cause it’s so much more fun being outside in nice weather then cooped up in the gym!

I wasn’t that hungry this morning surprisingly enough and decided on oatmeal with a spoonful of PB…it makes me sad to get to this point in my PB jar:

IMG 3773

I will lick up every last morsel of this PB, you better believe it 😉

Further proof of my blackberry obsession? It was a fun snack for the drive home:

IMG 3774


We made a protein packed dinner of turkey taco salad…so easy and so delicious. Into the mix was ground turkey, taco seasoning, corn, black beans. Salsa, cheese, avocado, ghetto tortilla strips and spoonfuls of greek yogurt were had on top!

IMG 3775

IMG 3776

IMG 3777

IMG 3781

IMG 3780

IMG 3782

Nice and full tummy accomplished 🙂

Tomorrow is a half day at work and then i’ll be heading to the sports doctor. The workout plan for tomorrow is a 545 am spinning class and weight lifting. Lets see how the ankle is feeling in the morning. Happy weds everyone!