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Its been an emotional rollercoaster of a day to say the least.

I woke up to my ankle feeling sore, but only really upon waking up. It didnt hurt much walking or anything, which was encouraging. I did 25 minutes on the stairmaster, 35 minutes on the arc-climber and 10 minutes of upper body weight training. As I was driving home from the gym, I saw a runner on their morning run, and I got a little emotional. I needed one good cry this morning to just get out my frustration about my injuries. I wasn’t wanting to throw myself a pity party but I hate feeling this way. I was nervous about what the doctor was going to say or find and I felt overwhelmed. Kevin comforted me and so did my friend Dema πŸ™‚ She said a lot of things that made me feel better, the one thing that really resonated with me was when she said “ think about what you’ve accomplished while you were broken andΒ think about what can happen when your 100%“..so incredibly true. πŸ™‚

I headed to the sports doctor this afternoon. She was really nice and patient as I explained everything I had been going through. She felt around my heel and ankles and pinpointed the exact spots that were bothering me. She studied my feet while I was standing and then said she wanted to take an x-ray. They took an x-ray of my right foot and she told me that I have a heel spur in my right foot…probably built up from years of running. The heel spur wasn’t the problem though, the plantar fasciitis is what made it hurt. She taught me a bunch of stretches to do and recommended icing and rolling just as I had been doing. She then told me that I have tendonitis in my ankle. It must’ve gotten inflamed when I wore the inserts last week. She said I could keep running but to listen to my body and try to cross-train instead of so much running. She also suggested maybe getting fitted for custom orthotics but I have to see if my insurance will cover some of it because they are REALLY expensive 😦

So tomorrow I am going to take spinning instead of running and i’m gonna keep icing and see how it goes. If my ankle feels too sore on Saturday, it’ll be a game-time decision on running.

She didn’t tell me much I did not already know but it was definitely good to get clarification on some of my issues.

Some of my eats from today?

Breakfast was another delicious greek yogurt bowl:

IMG 3788

Which kept me full and going for a while. I LOVE this breakfast combo πŸ™‚

I knew I wanted a heap of veggies for dinner tonight so I made me and Kev baked salmon with my favorite salmon rub, roasted broccoli and honey roasted sweet potatoes:

IMG 3789

You could tell the cats were really excited about dinner too:

IMG 3790

Even Kevin agreed, those sweet potatoes were the perfect consistency…I wish I could always get them like that, I feel like they come out different every time I make them πŸ˜‰ It was awesome healthy comfort food.

Perfect end to a weird day?

IMG 3794

People, ice cream always makes everything better.