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This injury is seriously the weirdest. Saturday morning I woke up and my ankle wasnt bothering me at all. I was incredibly tempted to run but decided it would be best to crosstrain for another weekend. I did a spinning class then the stairmaster and some arc-trainer to round it out. 20 minutes of lower body weight training was also done. I was pretty beat by the end…i’m amused I can last for hours running but other forms of cardio wipe me out even more.

That workout went to good use…my best friend Caroline came over and we went to dinner with my sister to a middle eastern restaurant in New Brunswick…amazing food, despite the service lacking. No complaints here though, we all had a blast 🙂

IMG 3796

We shared a bunch of tapas to start…falafel and hummus are always necessary:

IMG 3798

IMG 3799

I ordered a salad with grilled chicken, Nina ordered a chicken kabob platter and Caroline went for a spinach/feta dish…i cant remember the name of it but she really enjoyed it:

IMG 3800

IMG 3801

IMG 3802

The salad was the size of my head and I loved every bite of it.

Sunday me and Kev decided to finally put our pizza stone to use. We had never made our own pizza like this before so it was a learning experience. We had a lot of trouble working with the first piece of dough since it hadnt risen enough by that point. Everything still came out amazing. We made a simple pepperoni pizza and a buffalo chicken pizza.

IMG 3804

IMG 3806

IMG 3807

IMG 3808

IMG 3810

IMG 3811

The buffalo chicken pizza came together much easier! We brushed that one with olive oil, then spread blue cheese dressing around instead of sauce…we used sharp cheddar as the cheese and we had cooked 3 chicken breasts, shredded and tossed them into franks hot sauce. it was SOOO good. I would eat this every day if it wouldnt make me gain 10 pounds real quick 🙂

IMG 3812

IMG 3815

IMG 3818

Sundays involving buffalo chicken and pizza are fantabulous in my opinion!

So…this is why my injury is even more annoying. Despite feeling good about m ankle over the weekend, come Monday morning and it was bothering me again. Say whatttt?

I iced it at my desk while enjoying a bagel flat with honey nut cream cheese. This was enough to not make me feel morose this morning…carbs and sweet cream cheese typically save the day:

IMG 3819

I’m a self admitted buffalo chicken addict…you heard it straight from my mouth. Guess what I had for lunch?

IMG 3820

Buffalo chicken salad. I’m thinking of writing an article for Runners World about how eating buffalo chicken as 75% of your diet helps you run awesome marathons. I think I could be on to something…you know, despite the fact that i’m injured and have never run a marathon 😉

Ive been reading a lot about KT Tape and decided to pick some up on my lunch break as well:

IMG 3821

Their website is reallllly comprehensive. I decided to best way to try and wrap my ankle was the ankle stability option they had. I followed the video pretty closely but felt dubious as to if it would actually work. Ummmm….amazing. I’m not saying my run was completely pain free, but it was considerably closer to how I normally feel. I felt slight twinges of pain here and there but otherwise ABFAB! I did 7.5 miles. I iced the ankle as soon as I got home and the tape is still in place. Glad I went with the pro version! I also ordered a compression sleeve for my ankle which will be coming in later this week and I’m hoping it helps to speed recovery as well. We shall see how this week goes!!

Recovery dinner was in the form of an egg salad sammich…ohhh its been a while!

IMG 3823

Here’s to another monday done…and here’s to me finally feeling a LITTLE better this week!

Tell me…

How was your weekend?

Have you ever taped an injury to help with recovery?

Have you ever made your own pizza? Whats your favorite kind?