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I was hopeful that my run would not hurt that bad yesterday morning. My ankle felt decent upon waking up…I ran 7 miles on the treadmill but my ankle was aching by the end. As the morning went on I wasn’t feeling that great…I guess it finally clicked that I just need to give up running completely until I feel ok. So..we will see how the next few weeks go! I am planning on buying my own road bike in the next few days and I will try to keep up my endurance that I’ve worked hard to keep. I can’t wait to feel better and give my all to running again. I’m just going to focus on positive things and try to eat better and have fun with this.

I bought a Zensah compression sleeve for my ankle which hasn’t really made a difference that I’ve seen yet but I decided I’d wear it while I’m working out.

IMG 3830

I know, you guys never get tired of seeing my sexy ankle!

IMG 3832

Kevin knew the perfect way to cheer me up last night for dinner…Saladworks! πŸ™‚

IMG 3833

My salad had spinach, romaine, olives, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, grilled turkey and sunflower seeds. My idea of happy food πŸ™‚

We fell asleep at the super late time of 945…and I completely overslept for the gym. I woke up at 630 going DAMNIT in my head…but I mumbled to Kevin that maybe thats my body’s way of telling me it needed rest..so I decided i’d work out on my lunch break instead. I did 55 minutes on the elliptical during lunch and it felt good. I wore the compression sleeve but my ankle is still a little swollen today, but otherwise feeling better.

I dont know if I told you the full extent of my salad obsession but I talked Kevin into having another one with dinner tonight. We threw black bean burgers on the grill and it made for a quick, easy, healthy dinner. Into the salad mix was spring mix, olives, chopped tomatoes, chopped red pepper, blue cheese crumbles and croutons. We drizzled it in fat free thousand island…yum!

IMG 3834

IMG 3835

IMG 3836

Despite the injury I am happy to try and fine-tune my eating a little. Because I run, I tend to eat a little more junk and I’d like to see how I feel without it. One thing I can say about not running as much is that i’m not as hungry as I usually am…a little easier roping in the healthier eating.

I can still have a pound of candy for Easter though right? πŸ˜‰

Happy Thursday!