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Its been quite a weekend, in the best way.

First off, Friday kicked off with a grueling 30 minutes on the stairmaster and 30 minutes on the arcclimber…rounded out with 15 minutes of upper body weight training. I didnt feel like doing spinning for some reason, which is good considering what my Saturday workout consisted of 😉 I’ll fill you in a little bit bc I have to share my new favorite breakfast first:

IMG 3837

IMG 3838

IMG 3839

Ohhhh yeah. I’m trying not to eat a TON of carbs since i’m not running as much anymore but this one is too protein packed to pass up. The granola is pretty much all natural, I LOVE it!

So yeah, my friday night consisted of picking up tis beauty…i’m thoroughly broke but its definitely worth it:

IMG 3884

My very first road bike! It has weird flat handlebars which is different from traditional road bikes but otherwise…really nice. I’m sure if I get into cycling more I will invest in a more expensive bike but for now, this one is a good starter. Its kind of eye opening seeing how expensive these are but I test drove a $900 bike and seriously, you can feel the difference. Road biking is all about feeling as light as possible to go as fast as possible. I’m just dipping my feet in, but i’m loving it already. I digress…I woke up on Saturday morning and had another first for breakfast:

IMG 3840

IMG 3841

Half a whole wheat english muffin smothered in the giant tub of Almond Butter purchased at Costco. 😉 I hadnt opened it yet because I havent been running so I dont have as much of an urge to eat a tub of PB…but this was really interesting. I like the fact that it doesnt taste sugary at all, I’m excited to use it alot more. It stuck with me the WHOLE ride which is awesome. I did 36 miles on Saturday morning on the bike and I didnt want to stop…the only reason I did was because I had to drive Kevin to work 😉 There’s a local bike race taking place at the end of the month that I’m contemplating signing up for…I’m pretty sure I could manage 65 miles. We’ll see, i’ll keep you informed!

Afterwards I didnt feel as nearly as tired as I do after running but I was definitely wiped. My lady parts were especially feeling it despite the fact I was wearing padded capris, lol. First thing I will do when I get paid next is to invest in a super deluxe pair of padded shorts 😉

I hung out with my sis for the rest of the day…we went about making carrot cake cookies for dinner at my parents the next day and the all time favorite Easter tradition…dying Easter eggs!

IMG 3845

IMG 3846

IMG 3847

IMG 3849

IMG 3852

I was a lucky girl…Kev made me TWO easter baskets…thus the 10 pounds of easter candy!

IMG 3843

IMG 3844

Perfect for my waistline, hahaha!

Sunday was a day filled with family goodness…We started with Brunch at Kevins sisters house, we made a little easter basket for Colin and he was pretty happy with his goodies:

IMG 3856

IMG 3857

IMG 3859

We got to spend time with little Gavin as well 🙂 And eat tons of ridiculously good food…it was really an awesome time 🙂

IMG 3862

IMG 3858

IMG 3863

IMG 3864

IMG 3865

IMG 3866

IMG 3867

IMG 3868

IMG 3869

IMG 3870

IMG 3871

IMG 3873

IMG 3875

IMG 3882

I absolutely adore Kevins family and any excuse to spend time with them is more then ok by me…I love that they can sit around and talk for hours, which is exactly what we did. Afterwards we headed to my parents house for dinner..I was so silly and forgot to take any pictures but rest assured, another 10 pounds of food were had. I’m ridiculously stuffed and ridiculously happy after a really fun weekend. I’m not going to bore you guys with any more tales of how much I miss running…I know I will get back into the mix in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, I’m happy to cycle, eat healthy, and have a blast with the ones I love most. Life is SO good 🙂

Hope everyone had a great weekend as well! Tell me what you’ve been up to in the comments section!