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WOW, one of the first things I need to say is that cookie butter is another form of crack…i’m completely and utterly in love:

IMG 0688

Despite the lack of nutritional value šŸ˜‰ It made for good concert going fuel!

Say Anything completely rocked…that goes without saying. After standing on my feet for hours and being throttled in the pit to get a closer look, I’ve totally decided i’m retired from venturing into those pits…I’m officially going to stand on the side and sing my heart out like a good grandma…we all had a really fun time despite the crazyness of the crowd šŸ™‚

IMG 0704

IMG 0698

IMG 0701

Max’s beautiful wife Sherri came out and sang one of their songs with them…it was really fun, and I’m more in love with all of them then ever!

We didnt get back into NJ until around 12:30…and THOUGHT the parking garage that we had parked in was closed. (We found out the next day that if we had simply walked around the building, the garage was still open. But because we were in a really shady part of town, we didnt want to move from our well-lit spot) We had to have my dad come and pick us up and me and Kev didn’t end up getting home until 2:00 am..and then we were hungry and picked up sandwiches and I didnt get to bed until almost 3 am. Which is nutty, makes it almost a full 24 hours that I was up…suffice to say I was exhausted!

I woke up at 8 am and felt like I was completely hungover…which is probably a combination of tiredness, too much caffeine the night before, the two beers I had at the concert, and not drinking enough water. I seriously contemplated getting back into bed and just hitting up the gym later in the day…I decided to suck it up because it was a beautiful day and I was determined to be outside. I took a quick run around the block to see how my ankle was feeling first..I felt slight twinges but it was feeling muchhh better. I packed up into my car and headed over to the park I had biked at on Monday. I rode around for a few hours and covered 43.5 miles…it was quite a ride. I decided to throw my ray-bans on to save my poor eyes from dirt and wind…a total hipster cycler šŸ˜‰

IMG 0706

I came home and showered and cleaned my apartment…I was completely dead after that. I lounged around for the rest of the day and it was wonderful.

Sunday was another beautiful day…me and kev headed down the block for a greasy breakfast/lunch. He had a breakfast sandwich and I went for the oh-so-nutritious beef gyro:

IMG 0707

IMG 0709


We went food shopping because it was desperately needed. Afterwards it was all about hanging out on the deck and BBQing and eating…umm, essentially what we do every weekend in the summer? šŸ˜‰

IMG 0710

IMG 0711

Nacho was excited to have a bone the size of his head after Kev was done with his steak. He told me this was his idea of a perfect Sunday too, we do aim to please here.

To add onto the model nutritional value of the day, we ended it with ice cream sundaes…pistachio ice cream, cool whip, oreos, bananas, and melted cookie butter…droolworthy.

IMG 0713

IMG 0718

Kevin really wanted me to share the fact that the hard-working people over at Oreo made a mistake on their cookie and the top was backwards. šŸ˜‰

Today was a CRAZY hot day! It was in the upper 80s/lower 90s. Considering it was 50 degrees last week, yeah, a pretty big difference. I’m not complaining since I was able to wear flip flops to work today. HOLLA!

Thankfully, I wont be punishing you with a picture of my feet. That torture is saved for another day.

I was really looking forward to my vanilla chobani and granola for breakfast this morning…and when I went into the fridge to grab my yogurt I realized someone had TAKEN it. the HORROR. But seriously, how can someone just blatantly eat something they know isnt theirs?

IMG 0719

Thats my baffled about someone stealing my yogurt on monday morning face. just sayin.

Lunch sort of made up for it…saladworks!!

IMG 3896

Buffalo chicken makes a lot of things better.

My ankle had felt wonderful the past two days so I decided I was going to give a run a try tonight…I was really nervous. I didnt want to make things worse if I wasnt ready yet. I’m happy to say the run went WELL! I only had slight twinges of pain towards the end, but it was mostly my plantar fasciitis acting up. I will need to work on taking care of that but right now..one thing at a time. I iced my ankle as soon as I got home and its a little sore but not that bad. and it isnt swollen, so thats a good sign. I’m just going to take things slow this week and see how things go. I’m more worried about how I will feel when I wake up tomorrow…Only time will tell.

Its been a GREAT day. I was tempted to break dance in the street as I was running happily, but 1) i cant dance and 2) I didnt need to risk any more injuries to myself.

I RAN!!! mostly pain free!!!! I forgot how good it feels! šŸ™‚

Monday down, only a few more days to go until Friday right?

Tell me about your weekend in the comments!