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Lets recap yesterday first…although it was mildly uneventful. I started off the day with 30 minutes on the stairmaster, 30 minutes elliptical and 15 minutes of upper body weight training. Standard but good workout!

I tried peach chobani for the first time yesterday as well..and it was SO good! It had the creamyness that usually only the 2% has except it was 0%…word πŸ™‚ I also mixed in a new granola I was trying out, which was yum and made me super happyface because it had flaxseeds in it:

IMG 3932

IMG 3934

Actually, I lied when I said uneventful, I cant believe I forgot…I got my first flat tire on my bike yesterday. I was getting in a short ride during my lunch break at work and a rock got jammed in my back tire around halfway through…I was not a happy camper. In the back of my head though, I found it ironic considering Kev had filled my tires for me the night before πŸ˜‰ I had to walk back to work and I was a little late getting back but ssshhh…we’ll keep that between us ok?

After work we headed to the bike shop together to get the tire fixed…which cost me 7.00 and only took 5 minutes. I really need to learn how to change my own tubes. Anyone out there wanna teach me? I’ll pay you back in wings.

Speaking of wings…I simply cannot be mad at yesterday because I had the perfect ending to my day:

IMG 3935

Yes, thats a rogue french fry I snuck off Kevin’s plate. He doesn’t understand why he has to share and I dont…silly boy. πŸ˜‰ We hung out at the bar for a little bit, eating and catching up with people. We headed home and made it a semi early night since I was planning on getting up for spinning class in the morning.

Which..yikes, kicked my booty to another planet. For some reason, my legs were just feeling dead. I made it through, but barely. Those spinning classes that leave me whooped at the end actually make me pretty happy in retrospect.

Breakfast consisted of a whole wheat english muffin with honey nut cream cheese and a cup of fresh strawberries:

IMG 3936

IMG 3937

I felt a little nervous all day about going to the chiropractor after work but once I got there I felt a bit more at ease…the office was really cute. Its all about the atmosphere πŸ˜‰ The chiro was really nice and asked me all sorts of questions about my PF, my tendonitis, the sneakers I wear, the inserts, etc. I then mentioned that I had found him while researching A.R.T. and he made me giggle when he grinned happily and said “Oh yeah, cool stuff right?”. He proceeded to do an ultrasound on my right foot which felt…odd. I had to stick my foot in a container with warm water and he had a muscle stimulator attached to my calf. He said it was to encourage blood flow and get me ready for the procedure…the ultrasound was longer then the actual treatment b.t.w. I dont know why, but I guess I was under the impression that he’d be really working into the tender spots on my foot and ankle..but no. He did a massage on my arch and did some weird move by pulling my ankle..but none of that hurt. The only thing that hurt was when he massaged deeply into my calves…he told me my calves were way too tight and by not stretching them properly, it was going to affect my running. He was done in around 5 minutes. As soon as he was done I looked in bewilderment at my ankle..because as I rotated it, I felt absolutely NO pain. WHAAA? He taped up my arch and said he wanted to see me again for another treatment on monday. I’m still a little stunned. I feel a LITTLE achyness in my heel but my ankle is absolutely fine. I’m excited and hopeful to see how the next session goes…but I’m a believer at this point. This stuff is working so far! I have another appointment for monday morning. I’m going to see how I feel tomorrow but i’m thinking a combination of running and biking. I really just want to ease back into running and not push myself too hard.

And because you guys cant get enough of my feet…this is how the doctor wrapped my arch for me:

IMG 3938

I’m in a fabulous mood…I have some really exciting things to share with you guys but all in due time. I hope everyone is having a GREAT friday! Please dont forget to enter myΒ giveaway!