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I’m not gonna lie, I had a hard time sleeping on Friday night…I was too excited about the prospect of running on Saturday morning! I woke up, ready to spring out the door πŸ˜‰ My ankle and heel felt really good and I headed out around 8 am. I did 9 ridiculously lovely miles…my ankle barely bothered me and it was wonderful. I iced it as soon as I got home of course. I know 9 miles is no easy feat but it made me realize how much of my running endurance I’ve lost in the past couple weeks…it definitely wasnt as easy as it used to be for me. I enjoyed every second of it though. Afterwards, I hopped on my bike and did an easy 12.5 mile bike ride. It was a morning full of activity in the best way! My bike is acting up…its making a terrible clicking noise as I shift gears so looks like i’m bringing it back to the bike shop for the 50th time this week πŸ˜‰ Kevin made me breakfast as soon as I got home…i’m a lucky girl sometimes πŸ˜‰

The rest of Saturday was spent being productive with my sister…I’m working on something very important to me that I promise I will share very soon with all of you!

Me and Kev woke up early this morning to a very rainy day…blah. We walked the dogs and headed to breakfast together. It was a seriously healthy breakfast of champions:

IMG 0721

IMG 0722

IMG 0723

Kevin had the eggs sunny side up with corned beef hash and I had a crispy chicken,egg and cheese sandwich with fries. Carb loading now that i’m running again πŸ˜‰

Kevin has the patience of God and stayed with me as I stopped by the running store. I wanted to exchange the Saucony Guide’s that i’ve been running in. I’ve had a hunch for a while that what I really needed to be running in was a neutral shoe with inserts. He watched me as I ran in the stability shoes and agreed that it looked like it was too much, especially on my left foot. He was awesome to chat with because it turned out HE was also suffering from PF as well. We chatted about taping and different remedies and I told him about the A.R.T treatments I was going through. We went through a couple different brands of shoes but I settled on the Brooks Glycerin…i’ve ran in them before and I like them a lot. He watched me as I ran in them and he said it looks good so i’m HOPING things are finally falling into place!Β 

IMG 3939

Otherwise, we did other errands such as food shopping and Costco..and Kevin patiently sat through a mall trip in which I spent WAY too much money on clothes. A girl has to spoil herself once in a while right?

After running around all day, we all headed to Kevin’s sisters house to have a family dinner with his aunt and uncle that were visiting from TN. We also got to spend time with my two favoritest boys ever:

IMG 0724

IMG 0725

We got to have Mama Schaibles sauce…and I didnt take any pictures so i’m a total fail πŸ˜‰ But I’m seriously so touched…Marianne and Chris asked me and Kevin to be Gavins godparents. I can’t even express how honored and excited I am…so hopefully a YAY and πŸ™‚ will suffice for now πŸ˜‰

I’m totally beat but before I retire for the night…let me announce the winner of the OXO salad spinner!

Screen shot 2012 04 22 at 10 11 06 PM

Screen shot 2012 04 22 at 10 11 49 PM


Hey lovely lady…email me at fueledbywings@gmail.com with your address and we will get you your new salad spinner!!

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend–tell me all about it in the comments section!