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Why is the weather such a tease? It was super warm and nice last week and now the temperatures have dropped back down to the 50s and its cold and dreary. As if mondays weren’t bad enough already? 

I went for my second A.R.T. appointment today and it was similar to Friday…the doctor seemed amused that I ran over the weekend but I wasn’t quite sure if it was a good amused or bad amused…hmm. He didnt work on my calves this time so the pain was minimal…he also retaped my foot and we made another appointment for Weds. I’m not entirely sure how much it’s working yet, but anything is worth a try. 

Sometimes I forget how much I love pears…I need to leave myself post-its as reminders of how much fruit I adore:

IMG 3941

Pears and Yams are two of those things that make me laugh at how oddly they tend to be shaped…this pear was pretty special, but yams will definitely take the cake in the CRAZY shaped department.

I decided to go for a run after work today despite the gross weather…I saw that the rain had stopped and it was just cloudy instead. I snacked on half of this granola bar before I left work:

IMG 3942

These things are dangerous…I could eat way too many of them. I heart crunchy granola bars!

I did 7.5 miles and it went really well! The new shoes paired with the new insoles are pretty sweet…my ankle barely made a peep and it felt nice and stable in the shoe. I’m a HAPPY camper. Its so weird to go from a stability model to a neutral model where you have some SERIOUS bounce in your step! The only thing that is bothering me is my hip adductor…I’ve been researching stretches tonight and am planning on doing some before bed tonight. I hate to say it but I loathe stretching. I know, I know, its good for you, helps prevent injuries…I’m trying to get more into it, especially considering how injury prone i’ve been as of late. Baby steps!

I made a simple dinner of sauteed spinach sprinkled with parmesan and an egg beater/spicy cheese omelette…I’m pretty souped about the huge box of baby spinach I picked up at Costco yesterday!

IMG 3944

IMG 3945

That bag should last me at least 3 days…I think.

What is the perfect pick me up at the end of a dreary monday?

IMG 3947

i’m BANANAS for banana frozen yogurt! I havent had any in so long so I jumped on this as soon as I saw it in the supermarket yesterday. I’m tempted to pick up at least 5 more containers but Kevin insists we need to have room in the freezer for actual meals…i dont understand his priorities, psssht.

Tell me…

What is your favorite kind of granola bar?

What kind of shoes do you use to run/workout?

How was your Monday?