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I don’t think I was mentally or emotionally prepared for the outpouring of love and support that both Kevin and I received from my big announcement. I can’t thank all of you enough…the journey is just beginning but WOW what a beginning. When I first heard about the 3400.00 fundraising minimum I felt really worried and scared that I wouldn’t be able to do it…but honestly, where do we get in life if we say that we are scared of everything? I KNOW I can accomplish my goals, the only thing standing in my way would be me.

So what else has been going on?

Friday I did spinning before work…my legs felt dead but I made it through somehow 😉 I got to have lunch with my Outside Rep (who is looking absolutely gorgeous at almost 7 months pregnant…no matter what she says otherwise) and then headed to the chiropractor for another A.R.T. treatment. He had a new ultrasound machine which I felt really made a difference in how I felt afterwards…this was the first treatment where I truly felt a difference afterwards!

I spent the rest of the afternoon printing and addressing letters for Team in Training. I was cursing myself the whole time, wishing that I had Kevin help me write out the envelopes on Thursday…phew. I now know why people buy stamps/stickers with their addresses on it..haha!

Saturday was beautiful and sunny but I felt nervous about my long run. I woke up with neither my heel or ankle bothering me. Turns out I had NOTHING to worry about…the run went wonderfully. I realized that my inner hip was bothering me because I was so scared about putting weight onto my injured ankle. I focused on balancing my weight evenly and voila…no hip pain. Go figure 😉 I ran 11.3 miles…my longest run in FOREVER!! I also biked 12.5 miles afterwards…a very productive morning workout wise 🙂

Kevin had off on Saturday because we had his cousins birthday party to attend that night, it was nice having him around the whole day! We drove up to Jersey City to visit my friend Alexis from high school for a little bit. It was awesome catching up and I hope that we are able to hang out more….sooner rather then later 😉 We hit a lot of traffic and nonsense on the way down to the bar that the party was being held…oy. We were both frazzled and starving by the time we got there and I was even sadder because we didnt get a chance to stop and eat beforehand. They had some apps laid out that completely saved us…we didn’t end up staying too late because we had to head home to walk Nacho but it was really nice getting to see and hang out with Kev’s family.

Sunday was yet another beautiful day…YAY its finally starting to feel a little bit like spring. The cats were restless and they enjoyed playing with the reflections on the wall for most of the day:

IMG 3982

IMG 3983

IMG 3984

Amused by the silliest things…lol.

I suckered Kev into taking me out to another super nutritious diner breakfast:

IMG 3976

IMG 3977

I went for the Eggs Benedict…I told Kev I was happy to try it but I prob wouldnt have it there again…i’m picky about my eggs benedict and I wasnt a huge fan of this hollandaise sauce.

Most of Sunday was spent lazing around, catching up on DVR…oh yeah, and more eating. and PIZZA making!

IMG 3978

IMG 3979

IMG 3986

IMG 3987

IMG 3988

IMG 3989

We made a white pizza from scratch…it was really yummy but we both agreed that the Buffalo Chicken pizza we made a few weeks ago is definitely the ultimate winner so far!

Back onto the grind today…I went for my next A.R.T. treatment and raved to my chiro about how much better my heel was feeling..I’m pretty excited to finally start feeling the results! I did 7.5 miles after work today and it went really well…the only thing is that the taping of my arch is starting to bother me a little bit so I might need to bring that up to my chiro on Weds. In the spirit of being truthful…this is the first time in forever that I TRULY feel like marathon training will be okay. I was scared for a while there…i’m ecstatic to finally start feeling stronger!


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