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I totally forgot to share with you guys the unsuspecting burrito from yesterday:

IMG 3993

What exactly do I mean by “unsuspecting burrito” you ask?

I came home from work, ready to hit the pavement running. I dropped my stuff off at the apartment and opened the fridge to grab a small glass of water beforehand and saw this sitting in the fridge. It was the leftover Chipotle burrito that Kevin had half eaten for lunch. My stomach growled upon sight and rationality flew out the window..I took two big bites and went on my merry way. WHY OH WHY!

If you’ve had any kind of experience with running, you quickly realize that you need to be careful of what you are eating beforehand. There are some things that will work well with your stomach and…things that wreck the hell out of you. Lo and behold, 25 minutes into my run I started feeling nauseous and had to stop quickly to use the bathroom…thank gosh for Dunkin Donuts.

Damn you burrito for looking so good and then making me so miserable.Β 

I do enjoy having a snack before a run, especially longer ones, but this one was just a mistake.Β 

Things I avoid eating at least an hour or two before running (believe me, I learned these lessons the hard way):

-Anything fibrous (fruits, veggies)

-Some dairy (no ice cream, no milk, no yogurt…I CAN however handle cheese)

-No nuts, no peanut butter

-No coffee

Things that work well for me before running:

-Bread with cream cheese, or even regular cheese

-Granola bars, Cliff bars, Luna bars, etc.


-Gummy bears or fruit snacks

-My weird items include Oreos, Reeses PB cups, Ice pops πŸ˜‰

I know sometimes it might not seem like I eat much a lot of days but I’m a super snacker and I feel like it’d be tedious taking pictures of every single snack I have as well…rest assured, there are lots of snacks throughout my day!


It was pouring ridiculously this morning which made me less motivated then usual to get my booty out of bed. I honestly don’t know HOW I did it this morning but kudos to me πŸ˜‰ I must’ve not been the only one because when I showed up to the gym, the parking lot was definitely emptier then usual. I did 25 mins on the stairmaster, 35 mins elliptical and 20 minutes of upper body weight training. My ankle was feeling good but my heel was a little sore, in the same weird place as last night. I have to ask my chiro about it tomorrow.

Go figure that the day is mostly miserable and then when I get out of work its absolutely gorgeous out. Will we stop getting teased by spring weather and finally get rid of the cold for good? I sure hope so. I was tempted to take my bike out for a spin but alas, lazyness prevailed.

Dinner was nothing too exciting…sauteed spinach and an egg salad sandwich. I love it when you have more sandwich filling then bread, it makes me feel like i’m eating more…and more is always better to my tummy:

IMG 3994


IMG 3995

Mind tricks are one of my big keys to weight maintenance πŸ˜‰

You know its the start of a new week when I’m going through yet another new gallon of ice cream:

IMG 3996

Similar to thin mint ice cream…I approve.

This girl is getting to bed early, she has a 7.5 mile run on the agenda tomorrow morning. As always, please consider donating!Β 

Tell me…

What are some of your favorite snacks?

If you are a runner, whats your fave prerun food? If not, whats your favorite pre-workout food?

Any new ice cream flavors you’ve tried lately that you feel like sharing about? πŸ˜‰