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I’ve been feeling so sleepy lately in the morning, I can’t lie! Yesterday morning I woke up and it was dreary outside and chilly…5:30 am is a little tougher knowing you are gonna spend it outside ๐Ÿ˜‰ I pulled on my tights and long sleeved shirt sleepily and headed outside…I got into the groove eventually but it was a bit tough at first. My heel is still feeling oddly tender. I saw the chiro yesterday afternoon and told him that my outside heel was staring to feel tender and I think it was because of the tape…and well, he basically ignored me. I like this guy but..i dunno, its still weird. I told Kevin that I thought I should take my tape off before my long run and tape it the KT Tape way for Plantar Fasciitis. I’m thinking that the KT Tape way could work better. We’ll see what happens!

In other news, last night me and Kev put together a really simple but super delicious meal. We bought frozen shrimp, defrosted them and marinaded them in hawaiian marinade and BBQ sauce. Then we made brown rice…and roasted asparagus and broccoli brushed in olive oil, garlic and parmesan. The end result was phenomenal!

IMG 3997

IMG 4001

IMG 4002

IMG 4004

IMG 4005

IMG 4006

Perfect night!

My ankle and foot were feeling better the next morning. I did 30 mins on the stairclimber and 30 minutes on the arclimber. No time for weight training since I woke up 15 minutes later. I wanted to ride my bike on lunch break but knew I needed air in my tires. I have the best boyfriend ever, he woke up and helped me pump air into them when I got home from the gym. WOOT! Pre-ride I snacked on some dried apricots:

IMG 4008

It was cloudy and chilly today but I still had a really nice 10 mile ride on my lunch break. I LOVE my bike, it’s a lot of fun.

Me and Kev decided to treat ourselves out to dinner so we headed to Longhorn…We had an appetizer of homemade chips with creamy BBQ sauce:

IMG 4009

I had a salad with raspberry vinegarette:

IMG 4010

Kev had an 8 oz steak with a baked potato and I had a 6 oz steak with veggies…really good dinner overall!

IMG 4011

IMG 4012

I really tend not to eat a lot of red meat by preference. Something about it just does not feel quite right with me so…I tend to lean towards fish and chicken for the most part ๐Ÿ˜‰

In other news, I had some really generous donors recently and that makes me so incredibly happy. Please keep supporting this wonderful cause…this fundraising goal truly means so much to me. I love all of my friends and family more then words could say. Me and Kevin doing this together brings us closer then ever and I couldnt be happier.

Considerย donating…Its truly a time for hopefulness ๐Ÿ™‚

Its almost Friday, thank gosh! Hope everyone is having a good night!