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Its always the mornings that I think I will be most tired…and then I go and wake up feeling well-rested! No complaints here 🙂 I powered through spinning class and did 20 minutes of lower body weight training. I guess red meat once in a while does my body good…that and a nice glass of cabernet along with it 😉

I tried out a new granola today and I was not impressed! It was very bland and the nutritional stats were not as good as the delicious Kind granola i’ve been using…I don’t think i’ll be buying this one anymore 😦

IMG 0731


IMG 0732

And thats weird for me to say, I normally lurve most granola!

Yet another A.R.T. appointment today…it went well but we will see how I feel tomorrow. My heel has not been feeling as painful in the morning but i’m definitely not pain free. What a frustrating injury this one is. The craziest part to me was the fact that the time off did nothing for it. I’m just going to have to treat it different ways until it’s resolved.

I’m not sure how my chiro is going to react on Monday for my next appointment when he realizes I cut the tape he put on me…I decided to tape it differently for my long run tomorrow…following instructions from the KT Tape website:

IMG 4014

I won’t horrify you with another picture of my foot, but this tape job gives more support to my ankle, which I really like about it We’ll see how it holds up for my run tomorrow though. My doctor is nice but in all honesty, I also know when something does not feel right and I think his tape job is hurting me right now more then helping. 

I’m having a very exciting Friday night of cleaning as usual, so I didnt get to peel and chop up my sweet potatoes for dinner until late. I stuck them in the oven to roast them for 30-40 minutes but found myself pretty hungry…so decided to have a bowl of ice cream while I was waiting. Dessert before Dinner? yes please!

IMG 4013

Dont worry, I didnt ruin my appetite. Plenty of room left for the heaping plate of roasted sweet potatoes:

IMG 4017

I used my blackberry honey that I received from Foodie Penpals…it sounds like a weird combination but it was actually really good 🙂

I have a pretty busy weekend coming up which will involve a lot of cooking and time with family and friends…I can’t wait. I can’t wait to share it with you guys as well…Happy friday everyone!!

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