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I felt slightly dismayed on Saturday morning when I realized my ankle wasn’t feeling quite as good as one would hope. I decided to go out running anyways (i’m a glutton for punishment) and did 11.5 miles. My foot was pretty much feeling throbbing by the end and I soaked it in an ice bath as soon as I got home. Kevin looked bemused as I shrieked overdramatically about it but in the end, it really helped. I wasn’t hobbling around terribly for the rest of the day like I imagine I would’ve if I wasn’t proactive about it!

I had friends coming over for a Cinco de Mayo celebration and let me just say, i’m the worst blogger ever. I had the best weekend but hardly any pictures ;( I made taco lasagna except I used Morningstar soy crumbles instead of ground chicken/turkey. Caroline is vegetarian and I don’t mind rolling with non-meat menu items…I’m not a big meat eater to begin with. Happy to say it still tasted JUST as good without the meat! Dema also made stuffed peppers with rice and cheese and they were yum as well! Here are a few pictures I did manage to gather around:

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We had a blast together to say the least πŸ˜‰

Sunday we headed to Kevin’s sisters house so Kevin could help out with their yard work…they bought their house almost 2 years ago but had to do a lot of work to it so the outside is still a bit of a work in progress. It’s coming along nicely though! Luckily, the weather was nice so we spent a lot of time outside. Spring is slowly starting to come around. We had a nice family dinner at the end of the day and it was a really great end to the weekend. I love getting to spend time with his family πŸ™‚

This is my little family from last Sunday morning…its the best thing to wake up to:

IMG 0730

I have so much to be thankful for at this point in my life…and I’m incredibly grateful for each moment, each day that I get to spend with the ones I love the most. Life is good.

You know what makes life even better?

Eating leftover s’mores bakeΒ from yesterday before my run…unlike the burrito incident from last week, this went over MUCH better. My body works well off sugar…i’m kind of thinking this was not what they had in mind when they wrote about optimal marathon training fuel:

IMG 4021

I’m pretty sure the Team in Training coaches are gonna have a mini heart attack when they analyze my diet but it’s all good.

I wasn’t sure if the chiro was going to be annoyed at me once he saw that I cut my tape off over the weekend but he just laughed at me when I told him my foot was too itchy to keep it on…he agreed that I should be letting my foot breathe and said he didnt want to tape it again until Weds. I told him my ankle was bothering me a little again and after the normal A.R.T. he told me he wanted to do an adjustment on it to see if it helped…it felt really weird as he was doing it but I think it helped because I had NO ankle pain during my run today. Maybe i’m like a broken record, but it was a strong run and I’m hoping that i’m on the right road to recovery. Thank you Jesus!

Dinner constituted leftover taco lasagna with some tortilla chips for good measure:

IMG 4018

Leftovers are the best, seriously. I’m sure you guys are happy not to be staring at yet another monday egg sandwich for dinner. I’m the first to admit I can be a little TOO routine when it comes to my food πŸ˜‰

SOOO tell me about your weekend in the comments!!