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What was I thinking this morning? I didn’t realize it was raining lightly and figured I’d try and go biking…wow, a terrible idea. I was soaked to the bone only 5 minutes into it. I trooped it around for 30 minutes before I ultimately gave up. It was hard to see and I was scared to be on the road in crappy conditions. I barely like running in the rain and at least thats on the sidewalk! I booked it home, peeled off my wet clothes, changed into a pair of dry workout clothes and headed to the gym. I squeezed in 15 minutes on the stairmaster and 20 minutes on the arclimber. My ankle was feeling a lot better this morning but I still want to give it a couple days until I do anything running wise.

So what made up for the crappy bike ride? Enjoying this combination on the drive to work:

IMG 4027

IMG 0735

If you either hate on my sugar free werthers in my purse (they are delicious) or Air Supply (they are amazing), then we simply cannot be friends anymore. I’m the coolest grandma ever and yes, Kevin is a lucky guy.

Another A.R.T. appointment today…I told the doctor about the slight pain in my outer ankle and he worked on that a little more. He taped up my arch again but whenever I run again, i’m going to cut it off. I don’t want to rely on taping to run, I want to feel good on my own.

Dinner was a last minute decision…we did a BBQ chicken salad. Kevin threw chicken on the grill and I put together an array of corn, cherry tomatoes, tortilla strips, cheddar cheese and carrots. 

IMG 4034

You know what would have made putting together dinner easier? If Dante wasn’t set on guarding the fridge. No joke, he swiped at me everytime I opened the door and refused to move. 

IMG 4028

What a punk 😉

Dinner still came together nicely..I drizzled some light ranch on top and it was perfection:

IMG 4036

SOOO its supposed to be ok tomorrow morning…if all goes well, I will attempt another bike ride. If its even drizzling, i’m heading to the gym for spinning. PSSHHTTT, no rainy bike rides for this girl.

Tell me…

Do you like biking or running in the rain?

Whats your favorite thing to throw on the grill for dinner?