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When I woke up yesterday morning it seemed a little dismal outside. I thought I might have to book it to the gym but then it started getting sunny out! (Finally) I rode my bike for a hour and a half…didn’t measure miles because I just wanted to enjoy it. The town that I live in is really hilly which can make for challenging runs and bike rides…and phew. My quads were burning! I was pretty sore by the time the ride was done but it felt really good. Cycling doesn’t make me as happy as running but it does a pretty good job πŸ˜‰

I did some easy time on the elliptical during my lunch break as well. I like just zoning out and watching tv at my work gym. I think it actually helped my quads feel a lot better after my bike ride.

Since Kevin has to work on Mother’s Day and since Kevin’s mom was going to a brunch with his sister that day, we decided to have dinner together last night to make up for it. AND as the perfect blogger that I am, I completely forgot my phone and camera and have no pictures of dinner, lol. I did catch the flowers that we bought to give to his mom beforehand though:

IMG 4046

We got a chance to catch up with each other and since the service was slow, dinner was longer then expected. I didn’t mind though because the company was fabulous πŸ˜‰ Just know that stuffed sole was had and carrot cake was seriously inhaled…those calories burned went to good use, hahaha.

I woke up early this morning and hit the gym for 30 minutes on the stairclimber, 30 minutes elliptical and 20 minutes of lower body weight training. I was SWEATY! I didn’t want to go to spinning in case I end up foregoing my long run in favor of a long ride. My ankle has been feeling OK over the past couple of days but I’d like to see what happens when I wake up tomorrow. I dont want to push myself, just want to feel better.

The day was sunny and beautiful…my morning was made since I stopped by Starbucks before work for a new bag of coffee and a skinny caramel macchiato:

IMG 0740

Dont worry, I wasnt driving. This was in the parking lot. I’m sure I looked like a glamorous douche taking a picture of myself drinking Starbucks and wearing Ray-Bans but ya know…whatevs.

I had another A.R.T. appointment today and the doctor is really trying to make sure that my ankle is feeling better…this appointment hurt a little more then usual because he really dug into some tender spots…but its good, I feel really good right now. Its just insane how I’m dealing with the trickiest injuries ever…like I said, somedays I feel great and then the next, not so much. My foot really needs to make up its mind.

With the beautiful weather today it felt really good to be driving my new(ish) car. Windows rolled down, stereo blasting πŸ™‚ My dream car for so long was this cutie:

Vw beetle 02

But I just decided it wasn’t practical enough to be getting a convertible when we need a good reliable car for the winter and one we’d have no problem packing in for trips. I’m still wistful for a day where I can own such an adorable convertible πŸ˜‰


I’m so incredibly pooped from today…work was really busy and I couldn’t wait to relax when I got home. Unfortunately that didn’t happen for a while since I forced myself to clean…i’m a crazy party animal.

Egg salad was had for dinner. I’m amused to say I have a hard time boiling eggs for some reason. Sometimes they come out fine and sometimes I undercook them! I let them simmer for a while today and then transferred them to cold water for a bit. They came out PERFECT, woohoo:

IMG 4047

IMG 4049

Which reminds me that I will need to make my first batch of Deviled Eggs for the spring soon…I lurve eggs πŸ™‚

SO, hopefully I wake up feeling awesome and ready to rock a long run. We’ll see what happens!

P.S. I want to wish a very happy birthday to one of my best friends Dusan!!!! I love you!!Β 

Have a Great Friday Night everyone πŸ™‚