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When I used to restrict myself calorie-wise pretty harshly back in the day, it was a pretty common occurrence to overeat on the weekends. There was some binging going on and ever since i’ve made a conscious effort to fuel myself properly, those binging episodes don’t really happen. Wellll, I overate a little too much yesterday and it felt reminiscent of those binging days. BLEAH. So maybe those onion rings that I made myself late at night weren’t such a good idea? hahaha. There’s no use in beating myself up over it, I just felt yucky when I woke up since I was bloated and not feeling that hot. Lesson learned, time to move on 🙂 I made a conscious effort to eat well today.

Yet another rainy Monday, surprise surprise. I crossed my fingers that I’d be able to run outside after work. Lunch consisted of guess what?

IMG 0744

Dont worry, I’m finally getting down to the bottom of my huge almond butter jar!

Strawberries were had on the side, i love it when berries are in season!

IMG 0745

Stevia sweetened diet cream soda was had as well. I couldn’t resist during my Whole Foods trip yesterday and snagged a six pack of these. They are YUM and if you like drinking soda but want to stay away from aspartame then I would suggest giving it a whirl!

IMG 0743

I also went for another ART treatment today. I chitchatted with the doctor about how my run went over the weekend. I sheepishly told him that I had cut off my tape yet again this weekend but he understood where I was coming from. I also had a fun conversation with his assistant about marathons (She’s run a bunch of them, including the NJ marathon, pretty cool!) He concentrated on the tender areas again today and gave my achilles a little bit of a massage. He lectured me about stretching properly everyday since he saw how tight my calves were after the weekend. If there is one thing that I can admit I’m guilty of, its definitely not paying enough attention to stretching. Its something I struggle with, but I know its necessary in order to feel better. He asked if I WANTED to be taped today and I told him no…I just don’t think its helping right now, at least not the way i’ve been taped recently. We are decreasing my therapy to two days a week now so I wont be back until Friday. I’ve been distracted with my other injuries but my PF is feeling better then it has in a longggg time. The ART is helping slowly but surely.

Luckily it was only drizzling out when I got home so I did a 7.5 mile run. I soaked my foot in an ice bath as soon as I got home and I’m feeling pretty GOOD! Especially compared to how I was feeling last week. 

Ahem, i’m not going to jinx myself, so i’ll just leave it at that. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow 🙂

Dinner was an eggbeater omelette on a sandwich thin and cherry tomatoes on the side. Being the terrible snacker that I am, I wasn’t in the mood for anything big for dinner:

IMG 4059

IMG 4057

Ice cream is always a necessity:

IMG 4060

I’m off to foam roll and probably ice my foot once more before bed. Hope everyone had a good start to their week!

Tell me…

Yay or Nay to mondays?

Are you a soda drinker at all?

What did you have for dinner tonight?