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I love how the forecast was sunny for most of today but I woke up and it was raining. Thats always my luck 😉 My foot felt pretty good when I got up (woohoo for tons of icing) so I went for a 7.5 mile run. I was a little sore after and soaked my foot in an ice bath. I know it helps immensely but it is seriously not fun. For some reason, my foot doesn’t really ever numb out during those 10 minutes so it gets really uncomfortable. I’ve been icing throughout the day but we’ll see how I feel tomorrow. Today mostly my PF is bothering me, which is ironic considering I was just telling you the other day that it felt a lot better. 

Why does it feel like it’s been so long since I had saladworks? My heart was literally jumping for joy when I sat down to eat this for lunch:

IMG 4065

Buffalo chicken salad…the tortilla strips are extra nutritional.

I haven’t been able to see Kevin much lately since he’s been working so much but we are texting back and forth constantly throughout the day with each other. I wasn’t very happy to hear that my cats had done this to my bike seat today:

IMG 4066

Yep. Expensive bike that I just bought now has a chewed up/clawed seat thanks to my cats. Some people might think i’m exaggerating when I tell them how terrible my cats are but this is just proof. They have convinced me never to own another cat again. They are only 2, so i’m figuring me and Kev have around 20 more years to go.

At least one of my animals can make me happy today:

Photo on 2012 05 16 at 19 00  3

Nacho doesn’t let me get down on myself. How can I get angry when he does such a great butt dance the moment I walk through the door?

I have owned a lot of animals through my life. I’m happy that my parents were always willing to have a few pets in the house…even though some of them were quite interesting characters. Nacho is the first dog I ever owned on my own and I bought him almost 9 years ago. He fit in the palm of my hand when I brought him home! He’s a pretty aggressive chihuahua though, we never got him neutered so he’s a typical alpha male. We can’t bring him around anyone strange or he freaks out. Also, he pees on things all the time, even though we walk him all the time. He’s still preferable to my cats though 😉 Me and Kev got Fifa and Dante around 2 years ago. Kevin had never really owned any animals so I figured a cat was the best way to ease him in. Little did I know how crazy and destructive they would be. We love them, but they are really terrible.

I’d love to get more dogs but I want to wait a few years until we get a house! Our apartment is crazy enough with the crew that we have now 😉

We are halfway through the week! Have a great night!

Tell me…

Do you have any pets right now? 

Are you more of a cat or dog person?

Any funny pet stories you want to share? 🙂