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We have so much to catch up on!

Friday was pretty uneventful. I headed to spinning but my favorite instructor is toying around with the format of his program and suffice to say, I wasn’t the biggest fan. I’m crossing my fingers that he doesn’t keep it that way because otherwise I’d rather just bike around by myself on Friday mornings. I followed spinning with 20 minutes actually working on my core. SHOCKER! And boy, did I quickly realize how out of shape I was in that area. I was SORE all weekend long because of it, especially on Saturday. New goal is to include at least one core session a week. A strong core makes for a better runner.

Fridays dinner consisted of roasted sweet potato which you guys have seen a million times here so I won’t bore you with yet another picture of it but I did have this as well:

IMG 4076

Southwest egg beaters mixed with shredded cheddar and topped with black bean salsa. I think i’ve now found my FAVE alternative to ketchup 😉

I had a fun package come in for me on Thursday that I was excited to don over the weekend. Team in Training sent me a bracelet and Jersey to train in!

IMG 0746

The Jersey made for the hottest workout outfit ever since I got to pair them with my CEP compression socks on Saturday morning:

IMG 4077

IMG 4079

Too sexy for words, I know.

SO, my thoughts on the CEP compression socks. I did 11.5 miles in them. I DID feel like my calves were more energetic and I felt…bouncy. I took them off to ice soak my right foot then put them back on and went out for a bike ride afterwards. I ended up taking them off before I took a shower. I didn’t really notice any difference until I woke up on Sunday and felt GOOD. So I would say they work rather well…although I dont know about shelling out the 60.00 for them, but I’m happy I made my purchase. I see myself relying on these heavily for recovery purposes rather then helping me during actual running sessions.

I also iced like a champion all day Saturday so that’s probably why my ankle felt pretty fantastic on Sunday as well 😉 Unfortunately, the incredibly smart person that I am…I completely neglected to slather on the sunblock before any of my outdoor activities. I didn’t notice until the afternoon when I was feeling really crappy, drained and lethargic. I was REALLY sunburnt! I know, i’m half hispanic, I should have better skin…but I definitely have my moms skin. I burn rather easily and then it turns into an actual tan. I’m always slathering on over 50 SPF on myself before i’m in the sun. Couldnt believe I had forgotten!! You can imagine that the rest of my Saturday wasn’t the most pleasant. 😦

Dates on a Sunday?! How did me and Kev manage that? hahaha…we woke up early to hit up the supermarket for food shopping and then went out to breakfast with my sister. Diner fare and healthy choices…yepppp. A breakfast burrito was had (half of it) and sweet potato fries:

IMG 0752

IMG 0753

Me and Kev decided to take a trip to Woodbury Commons outlets in NY…its a bit of a drive but worth it because there are SO many outlets and it was a beautiful day so we couldn’t pass up the chance. This time I made sure to apply suntan lotion very liberally:

IMG 0755

You know you are a huge running geek when the majority of the things you pick up are running/workout related. How could I resist when they have outlets like Saucony, Under Armour, Nike and Lululemon? Speaking of Lululemon…believe it or not, I have never stepped foot in one. So it was my first experience although i’m sure the regular store is much bigger then the small outlet one. I did find a cool running skirt so i’m excited to try it out:

IMG 0759

The outlets also had this vending machine:

IMG 0756

See? I told you, runner’s paradise 🙂

We walked around for a few hours, found some good finds and then decided to call it a day. Not without a quick refueling with buttery pretzels and cheez whiz though 😉

IMG 0757

We’re all about the health here.

We were so happy to veg out on the couch together when we got back. It isn’t too often that we have a lot of alone time on Sundays but the random times we have it are really nice. We threw these jalapeno burgers on the grill for dinner and we were pleasantly surprised…they were pretty damn good! If you like spicy stuff its right up your alley:

IMG 0760

Another fun weekend in the books. I cant believe its already Memorial Day weekend already coming up. Time goes by wayyyy too quickly. 

Tell me about YOUR weekend in the comments!!