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We have yet another rainy start to our week!

Yesterday my ankle and foot were feeling pretty good. I didn’t feel like running in the rain so I ran during my lunch break on the treadmill. I can’t tell you how happy I was to finally not be in such pain after a run! I iced all day yesterday and I only felt slightly sore by nighttime. Progress…I can see how far I’ve come since getting injured. In the beginning I remember how painful it was to walk, to go down stairs…ugh. Its crazy thats it’s taken 2 months to get back to semi-normal but i’m taking my time and easing back into things.

You’d be amused to know that my breakfast burrito from Sunday tasted even better reheated for lunch:

IMG 4093

I rifled frantically through my drawers at work and my heart jumped for joy when I found these:

IMG 4092

🙂 🙂 🙂

Let’s not talk about the fact that i’m not entirely sure how old these were. Ketchup doesn’t go bad, right? 😉

I had another ART treatment today…just doing 2 days a week now. The chiro has started doing treatment on my peroneal tendon as well and its helping! My PF has calmed down a lot and my inner ankle is feeling better. Not 100% yet but I have faith he will help me get there.

I picked up a bag of quinoa last night and I was excited to try out this recipe from Jenn’s blog!

Quinoa Fried Rice 


1 cup quinoa
1.5 cups veggie broth
2 cloves of garlic, minced
Two handfuls of bean sprouts
Two handfuls of snow peas
1/2 cup sweet peas [I used frozen]
garlic powder and red pepper flakes to taste
2 large eggs 
oil or butter for sauteeing [I used Grapeseed oil]
2 tsp low sodium soy sauce
1 tsp white vinegar

IMG 4094

 So, I’ve only had experience with the kind of quinoa that is pre-washed. I’d never worked with the one that you had to rinse off…and yep, that the kind this was.

I figure I can be honest with my screw-ups trying to work this recipe since we’re all best friends right?

The only strainer I have is a really big pasta one which wouldnt work for the quinoa…it would fall through the holes. You really need a sieve in order to wash quinoa but I thought…no big deal, so what if I dont wash it, it should be fine.

Yep, big mistake. I made the first batch and realized how bitter it tasted…and then suddenly remembered reading online that the whole point in washing it is to get the bitterness out of it.


So I cursed myself, dumped it out and worked from scratch again. I got so frustrated with all the little pieces of quinoa everywhere and straining it that I almost just gave up…but I had finished the second part of the recipe and didn’t want to turn back. So i carefully managed to wash it and started again.

My advice is to try and buy the quinoa pre-washed..its so much easier. But as long as you have a small strainer, this is no problem to wash.

I laid the quinoa out to dry on a paper towel…I didnt time it but I mustve given it another 20 minutes.

I brought 1 cup of washed quinoa to a boil with a cup and half of veggie broth…then cover and simmer for approx 12 minutes or until the liquid is absorbed.

IMG 4097

In the meantime, while you let the quinoa simmer, you can gather and wash your veggies.

IMG 4098

IMG 4099


IMG 4100

I heated up the frozen peas for a little bit in the microwave while heating up a pan drizzled with grapeseed oil.

IMG 4101

I sauteed the veggies together until everything was heated up thoroughly…then I threw in the minced garlic and sauteed for a few more minutes. I pushed the veggies to the side in the pan and scrambled two eggs together with everything in the pan until the eggs were cooked through. I added the cooked quinoa to the mix and then stirred in 2 tsp of low sodium soy sauce and 1 tsp of vinegar. You can def play around with the amounts, but this one worked well for me.

IMG 4104

IMG 4105

I drizzled some extra soy sauce on top and while this recipe was frustrating, it was definitely a learning experience. A very YUMMY learning experience:

IMG 4107

I’m planning on heading to Costco this week and i’m praying they have pre-washed quinoa…i’m so high maintenance, not willing to wash my darn quinoa 😉

I was starving since dinner took longer then expected so ahem…dessert before dinner was had yet again.

IMG 4103

Dont worry, I didn’t ruin my appetite one little bit. But I AM pretty souped that I found this flavor still around. I was hoping Kevin wouldn’t notice it in the freezer but I guess I just blew up my spot. Stealthiest girlfriend EVER!

Ready to ice and relax for the night…7.5 miles on the agenda tomorrow!!

Tell me…

Have you ever had a bad quinoa experience?

What kind of funny kitchen mishaps have you gotten into recently?