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I kind of wanted to jump for joy when I got up this morning and had no pain in my foot whatsoever 🙂 Its nice feeling like you are actually on the mend.

Early morning runs can be rough to get up for…the first mile always feels sleepy and then runners high kicks in and I start feeling good. It was super humid this morning..I was really glad I had a tech shirt and shorts on. I made a mental resolve to invest in at least one more running shirt/pair of shorts for summer training. The UnderArmour cotton tees are good for the gym but not great for hot weather running. I only have a handful of good tech shirts so def want to make sure i’m ready for marathon training. Im finally beginning to feel excited about everything, training is just around the corner 🙂

7.5 miles done and done…I iced for a few when I got home and was only slightly sore…yay! I slipped my compression socks on at work and kept them on for a few hours. I tell you…those things work wonders. They were well worth the high price-tag.

Something a little different, I had tuna on a sandwich thin for lunch (i stole the can of tuna from kevin hahaha…he got me back by making me share some of my ice cream..psssht)

IMG 4108

I had a nice gala apple on the side…I scarfed it down too quickly to take a picture 😉

Dinner was something different. We thawed some frozen salmon and used my favorite salmon rub:

IMG 4109

IMG 4110

Kevin threw those on the grill for a few and they came out awesome as usual.

I’ve been wanting to work with Kale for a while and had been hearing about Kale chips for so long so I finally decided to make them!

Preheat your oven to 375.

I filled my salad spinner with washed kale and dried it off:

IMG 4111

I then broke it all into little pieces and placed them on a baking sheet. I drizzled around 3 tsp of olive oil over it. I sprinkled parmesan, garlic powder and kosher salt over it as well. Finally, I placed it in the over for around 15 minutes. 

I didnt pay too much attention to measurements, I’ve read that this dish is really easy to tweak to your own taste buds!

IMG 4113

They had such a weird texture that took a little getting used to but I’m happy to say me and Kev really liked them! A winner in our book 🙂

I also made a side of corn with a small pat of light butter and salt:

IMG 4114

IMG 4118

Loving the colors 🙂 A really quick, easy, healthy dinner!

To round out the meal nutritionally we had Thin Mint ice cream drizzled with caramel sauce:

IMG 4124

I’m happily full and ready to get to bed soon…I have an early morning bike ride on the agenda for tomorrow. Good night everyone 🙂

Tell me…

Have you had kale before? Whats your favorite way to eat it?

Favorite way to eat tuna fish?