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I am so ready for it to be the weekend already, how about you guys?

I woke up and did a nice bike ride of 20 miles. Beforehand I munched on half of a Kind granola bar that my chiro’s office gave me…I’m a little spoiled there ๐Ÿ˜‰

IMG 4125

So delicious! I highly recommend.

I wasn’t sure what was coming weather-wise…it drizzled a little bit but nothing more then that. I love early morning bike rides because then I dont feel as freaked out about cars on the road. There are barely any out and I can kind of bike wherever I want. It wasn’t SUPER humid this morning so that made for an enjoyable ride ๐Ÿ™‚

I took a half day from work so that I could spend a little time with my man…we ventured out to finally see the Avengers in 3D and it was awesome…a really good way to spend the afternoon!

IMG 0766

I had a very healthy lunch of reeses pieces, sour patch kids and snocaps during the movie…guess maybe thats a little better then the usual butter soaked popcorn I love so much…yeah ๐Ÿ˜‰

We headed to costco right after. Let’s play a fun game called…guess which were my purchases and guess which ones were Kevins?

IMG 0767

We decided to do a quick dinner of a rotisserie chicken we picked up at Costco along with sauteed baby spinach and roasted sweet potatoes. Perfection in my eyes:

IMG 4126

IMG 4127

IMG 4128

IMG 4130

I shouldve just made the whole box of spinach, I’m always in disbelief about how much this dish shrinks while cooked.

I’m glad that I have quick dinners up my sleeve to make…I know a lot of you out there think its really hard to make a good healthy balanced dinner on such a short amount of time…but all it takes is a little forward thinking. I like to pick up my healthy staples each week either way (sweet potatoes, spinach, eggs, meat, almond butter) but then you can pick up great canned items too that can make for good meals later on…i’m looking at you, black beans, lentis, chickpeas, frozen veggies, chicken, frozen veggie burgers, etc. I have a lot of those items on hand so that I can throw something together whenever i’m in the mood for it. Keep this in mind when you go food shopping!

It’s been a bit since i’ve mentioned it but PLEASE think of donating to myย fundraisingย efforts for Chicago!!! Every dollar, every cent counts!

Tell me…

What is one of your favorite go-to dinners?

Do you meal plan ahead of time?

Any fun plans for the weekend?