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It was one of those days that started off quite nicely….hmmph.

I overindulged a little too much yesterday so I was feeling bloated today…sometimes I need to shake my head at myself because I never quite learn my lesson 😉 Thats what holiday weekends are for, right? I was more then ready to get back to healthy eating today.

It was another smothering day outside and I decided I felt like sleeping in instead of hitting the gym for an early workout. I figured i’d ride my bike on lunch and then after work for a little longer. I did a very HOT 10 miles during lunch but it was much better then running would’ve went today 😉 I’ve been chugging down water like none other today as well. 

Lunch consisted of my favorite almond butter and banana sandwich:

IMG 4162

The real star of the show was the side of cherries….nom nom nom 🙂

IMG 4163

I was in such an upbeat mood today. I was excited to have a 4 day workweek and I’m just feeling happy in general about summer! I kept telling myself that I have soooo many things to look forward to and I felt like nothing was really going to bring me down today.

Ahem, until I came home and saw lima beans all over the kitchen floor…and the freezer door wide open. The cats broke into the freezer and I was really aggravated to say the least…the whole new container of ice cream I had was melted. Its one thing to eat my bike seat but WHEN YOU MESS WITH MY ICE CREAM THATS THE LAST STRAW! There was also raw chicken on the floor that they tried to get into…fun stuff.

Except what could I really do? 😦 I just have to pat myself on the back for the super smart decision I made to get cats in the first place, lol.

I figured it was nothing endorphins couldnt fix and was more then happy to hop onto my bike for a nice ride. Well, 30 minutes in and I had a flat tire…and I was pretty far away from the apartment. Did I mention that it looked like it was going to pour any second as well? I luckily made it home before it did but I tried getting my booty home as quickly as possible. I REALLY need to learn how to fix a flat tire 😦

So…workout for the day was a little over an hour of biking and some walking. Its something though and I’m ready to put today behind me…tomorrow I will have a kick butt workout!

I was starving when I came home and started making quinoa fried rice for dinner…i’m happy to say that this experience was much better and tastier then last weeks. THANK YOU prewashed quinoa from Costco!

IMG 4164


IMG 4165

Kevin got home from work right as I was finishing up so we actually ate dinner together! He didnt try this last week so i’m glad he got to try the really good version for his first taste…he really liked it 🙂

Another reason he’s the one for me? He felt terrible about the melted ice cream situation so he offered to buy me ice cream from the shop down the street from us:

IMG 4166

What a life-saver! I had low fat peanut butter yogurt and sugar free caramel on top, it made the night not seem AS bad.

Not everyday can be perfect I suppose…I’m just looking forward to a good run tomorrow (4 miles on the training schedule) and I am most definitely looking forward to bed right now. Hope everyone is having a better night then I had! 😉

Tell me…

Do you let yourself indulge over holiday weekends?

Whats your favorite fruit to eat in the summer?

Interested in adopting my cats? They are incredibly charming right?