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First week of marathon training complete…feels good 🙂

I finished 11 miles Saturday morning..it was absolutely beautiful outside, MUCH better then the humidity that I was dealing with last weekend. My foot was feeling a little sore by the end but I know that it’s feeling better week by week so that makes me happy!

I chugged down a Zico chocolate coconut water ever. Its quite possible that I might be favoring these over chocolate milk…crazy!

I took my bike out for a quick ride after my run since it was so beautiful out…and guess what? ANOTHER flat tire. I seriously have the worst luck in the world. I dropped it back off at the bike shop that JUST fixed it and he called back telling me that I must’ve ridden over glass because the tire had a shred in it that couldnt be fixed. I essentially had to buy a new tire…I guess I do have the worst luck in the world 😦 Maybe I should’ve looked into buying a mountain bike instead? Psssht! Road bike tires are much thinner so you have to be careful about where you ride them…I already feel apprehensive while i’m riding so I honestly just feel a little stressed about it. Any advice from road bikers out there?

The rest of Saturday was slightly more relaxing. I got to be lazy on the couch and watch Beauty and the Beast on DVD, how cool does that make me?

Sunday was a bit busier…me and Kev woke up early ready to run some errands before attending a birthday party in the afternoon. Breakfast was the normal classy diner fare…I had a cheese steak omelette wrap:

IMG 4184

Always the picture of health around here 🙂 I’m sorry, I will always be honest with you…I simply cannot live without french fries in my life. Its essential to my maintenance plan 😉

Kevin was super excited about his waffles topped with eggs:

IMG 4186

Another picture of health 😉

Although our morning was filled with boring adult tasks such as food shopping and car washes, we got to spend out afternoon with close friends and lots of children. It was our friend’s son’s first birthday party…and although the weather sort of didnt cooperate…we all had a blast!

IMG 4188

IMG 4189

IMG 4201

IMG 4204

IMG 4209

IMG 4207

IMG 4211

Cake is always a necessity at these things.

We had another huge accomplishment today…its amazing but we finally completely cleared our DVR. Kevin was shaking his head at me for weeks over the enormous amount of Nikita episodes I had on there but…finally done!

IMG 4213

A weekend full of running, eating, friends and TV? I seriously cant ask for more.

Tell me all about your weekend in the comments!