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One of the tricks of the trade I learned pretty quickly while embarking on my weight loss journey was focusing on my water consumption. I didn’t pay much attention to how much water I really drank before and I fell into a love affair with water and have never looked back 😉 I am rather attached to my camelbak water bottle and Kev often laughs at me because of how much water I’m constantly chugging. It helps me understand my hunger cues, it makes my skin look wonderful, but the one downfall is how often I run to the bathroom a day 😉 Oh well, a small price to pay. 

I love playing around with this calculator to see how much I should drink depending on how hard I exercised that day. I’m not a huge fan of chugging water while running but I did buy a handheld camelbak for marathon training especially because training in the summer heat is going to be brutal. I promise i’ll show you a picture soon of my ULTRA cool gear, I know you are dying to see it.

Another rainy Monday? That seems to be the norm around here lately. Its also chilly out which I’m not particularly loving..hello summer weather, where are you? I decided not to chance it and ran on the readmill during my lunch break. 5 easy miles done and done. I’m such a creature of routine that I thought it’d be hard for me to break out of the mindset that I usually run 7.5 miles on mondays and weds but…um I really dont mind running the shorter distances during the week so far…I’m just excited to be running at all. AND I get an extra day of running out of it a week (3 weekdays running instead of 2) so count me in 🙂

I had an interesting email pop up in my inbox today…there was this crazy good deal going on for super cheap rates at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas..and I did something completely impulsive and unlike me and decided to book it. I’m a rebel! I booked it for this December for me and Kev’s 3 year anniversary….and now i’m absolutely thrilled!! I’ve never really gone on a vacation to anywhere besides El Salvador by myself…and although El Salvador is beautiful in its own way, its a lot of volcanic land so the beaches aren’t the beautiful ones where you can actually see your feet in the ocean. So now I have a ridiculous amount of things to look forward to in the next couple of months. I dont know how i’m going to handle waiting months to be here:



…but I’m pretty sure it will be well worth the wait 🙂

A pretty exciting Monday, I must admit.

Dinner was on the random side tonight…I had some of my leftover salad from dinner on Saturday. Grilled chicken salad from Chilis…I realize two day old salad sounds incredibly gross but I was digging it:

IMG 4214

I also had a small piece of my leftover taco pizza from last night…It was my first time trying taco pizza and it was ok. My sister says she’s had much better so I look forward to trying better ones in the future but this one hit the spot tonight…I slathered it in plain greek yogurt in lieu of sour cream:

IMG 4215

See, what kind of taco pizza has onions? Odd.

All is right with the world because I have delicious unmelted ice cream in my freezer again…Kevin was pretty tired of hearing me complain about it so he knew it was the most important thing in our food shopping cart yesterday…hello, nutritional priorities:

IMG 4217

Vacation booked and ice cream sitting happily in my belly? I’d venture to say life is pretty darn good.

Tell me…

Any vacations coming up for you?

Have you ever been to anywhere in the Caribbean before? 

How much water do you drink a day?