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Another rough morning getting up…morning runs are always amusing since I don’t normally wake up until at least a mile in. It was chilly out this morning so I wore my compression socks out for my run! On the agenda was 6 miles of speedwork. This workout was supposed to be done on an actual track but 1.) i’m not THAT familiar with any tracks in the area and 2.) I’m not super comfortable hitting up a track by myself at 5:30 am. Lately Kevin has been having off in the evenings on Weds and Thurs and when he has his evenings off there is no way that I’m going to be working out at night so my workouts are limited to before work. For all of you that DO track workouts how do you handle them? I might try to tackle these kind of runs on the treadmill to make it a little easier to pace.

Here is what my training plan specified for today!

Run a total distance of 6 Mi. Your run should include:
– a warm up of about 1 mile at an easy pace (my warmup ended being around 11:00…I was definitely half asleep for it)
– 3 repeats of 1600 meters each; your time for each repeat should be 9:05
– a 800-meter recovery jog after each repeat
– a cool down of about 1 mile at an easy pace

I looked it up online and saw that 1600 meters is roughly a mile. 800 meters are then 1/2 miles. Its obviously a little tougher to do this workout when you have to worry about crossing streets and stop lights for some of it but I have to say i’m pretty proud of myself and did a pretty decent job sticking to the plan. I thought it would be difficult but it wasnt THAT bad. My biggest problem with speedwork is learning to pace myself and I need to practice getting good at it. Marathon training is a learning experience but I’m hoping once I get more comfortable with speedwork that I can push myself to get faster for future races!

Quinoa does a body good…I had leftover quinoa fried rice for lunch and guess what dinner involved? 

 Turkey Quinoa Meatloaf!

Me and Kevin hadn’t made this one in a while and we forgot how much we loved it…it looks absolutely gross before you stick it in the oven but the end results are phenomenal…we used Tabasco Chipotle sauce for the hot sauce this time around and yum yum yum!

IMG 4226

IMG 4227

Served with a side of sauteed spinach and honey roasted sweet potatoes. This really hit the spot after a long day…I love how healthy dinners make me feel happily satisfied afterwards instead of blech 🙂

Kevin did me proud because he made the quinoa for the meatloaf all by itself and it was perfect…unlike my first attempt at making quinoa when it turned out mushy 😉 I think I might slowly be turning him into a quinoa lover…watch out now! He raved about how great the meatloaf tasted despite the fact that it was healthy…muahaha.

Nacho had somehow convinced himself that it was raining outside tonight even though it totally wasn’t. One of Nacho’s biggest fears is rain and thunder…when it starts raining he starts panting, shaking, and usually sits besides us on the floor but refuses to stay in our arms and often hides away where we can’t find him. Tonight he just sat by my legs shaking despite me telling him over and over that it wasn’t raining outside…Kevin even tried carrying him outside to show him but he wasn’t having any of it 😦

IMG 4230

For a macho man, he can totally be a scared little chihuahua way too much 😉

Poor little guy…I wish I could make him feel better but he will not listen to reason.

Well guys, week is halfway over! We have an exciting weekend ahead so I’m super anxious for it to get here already!

Tell me…

Have you ever worked out on a track?

If you have a dog, what are they afraid of?

What did you have for dinner tonight?