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It was cloudy out on Saturday but I had a really good 11 mile run completed. I got to try out my new handheld camelbak:

IMG 4241

I’m tinkering around with fueling for marathon training and decided to forego my usual Cliff Shot Blocks and tried out 21 oz of Cytomax instead…it kept me well fueled but I’m thinking that I might stick to shot blocks, we’ll see what works best. As for the water bottle itself, it was comfortable in my hand but I was a bit sweaty so I’m not sure how it’s going to hold up in the REALLY hot weather considering it was only in the low 60’s yesterday morning. I’ll let ya know!

I also went for a 12 mile bike ride after my run and I’m happy to say for ONCE I didnt get a flat tire…woohoo! 

Afterwards, I dropped Kev off at work and headed up to Union to hang out with my parents for a while…yes, that is the cool thing to do on Saturday nights if that’s what you were thinking 🙂 My dad was super excited to try out his new grill to cook dinner:

IMG 4242

Summer dinners made easy!

Today was our godsons christening and it was a beautiful day out…We got to spend time with Kevin’s family and it was such a good time…Gavin’s cheeks are thoroughly ridiculous and he’s gotten SO much bigger since the last time we saw him…Colin seemed to have a fun time as well. Oh and did I mention the 20 pounds of food and drink they had? All in all, a perfect and beautiful day…I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:

IMG 4244

IMG 4246

IMG 4247

IMG 4251

IMG 4253

IMG 4256


IMG 4261

IMG 4263

IMG 4267

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IMG 0185

IMG 0189

IMG 0192

IMG 0195

IMG 0205

IMG 0212

IMG 0221

IMG 0224

IMG 0227

Whats the perfect end to this sunday do you ask? Oh just a little thing called the season premiere of True Blood!!! Any other True Blood watchers out there?!

Tell me all about your weekend in the comments! 🙂