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I’m ashamed to admit that I forgot to post one of the best things about yesterday…you know, besides the whole becoming a godmother thing:

IMG 0783

Yes ladies and gentleman…feast your eyes on the best ice cream cake that you will ever see. This cake even trumps Carvel for me and thats saying a lot….considering that those little chocolate crunchies make me tear up with happyness. This ice cream cake has COOKIE DOUGH CHUNKS in it!!! I was so full by the time dessert was served but when the lady walked out of the house and offered me a slice you better believe I jumped on it. Kevin tried to steal a bite and I looked at him like he was crazy. I’m sure I set a great example for sharing in front of the kids. Kevin’s sister usually buys these ice cream cakes for Colin’s birthday so thats usually like my second Christmas but the benefit of having another nephew is another time for this ice cream cake. Marianne if you have any cake leftovers you know who to call, I will come over anytime 🙂 (I think she might second guess her choice in Gavins godmother after reading this post, but I can’t help declaring my love)

Today was absolutely perfect summer running weather. I feel like the toughest part about marathon training will be the fact that i’m training in the summer heat….but I’m a trooper. I’ve gotten up at 4:30 am to run before just to beat the heat…you gotta do what you gotta do. Us runners are a crazy breed. I lucked out because it was breezy and sort of cool by the time I got out of work…man, those endorphins were running high today, I felt like I was running on cloud 9. I meant to do only 5 miles but ended up doing almost 6…I didnt want to stop. I love these easy runs. I guess summer ale, ice cream cake and a ton of potato salad the day before is key to a great run. I’m an even better example at optimal marathon training nutrition then I am at sharing. I’m glad I could help out 😉

I saw this beauty in the store today…if anyone has tried it, let me know, i had some major self control to not buy this!

IMG 0784

Dinner today was the last of the leftover sandwiches that we stole to bring home with us yesterday…grilled chicken, roasted red peppers and mozzarella, dont mind if i do! I stuck it in the broiler for a few minutes so it got nice and crispy and melty…perfect to refuel after my run:

IMG 0786

My camera is dead from yesterday so I’m spoiling you with awesome phone pictures instead…I bet you didnt even notice considering how on par my usual photography skills are.

They are getting seriously fancy with the new slow-churned ice cream containers….I’m liking it:

IMG 0792

Whoever thought to put Oreos in ice cream is an absolute genius.

What else could top perfect summer runs and fancy ice cream choices?

IMG 0789

Watching the Real Housewives of NJ on DVR while eating said ice cream. I’m glad I had the captions on because now this picture is just that much funnier to me. Does anyone else watch?! Its gloriously bad TV and I love it!! 

And so begins another week. Hope everyone had a good monday!

Tell me…

What shows are you currently into?

Are you a fan of ice cream cake?

What is perfect summer weather to you?