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I was exhausted at the late time of 9:45 last night and couldnt wait to get to bed…thats what mondays always do to me! Luckily I woke up feeling refreshed…which is actually pretty abnormal for a Tuesday, ha 😉 I did 30 minutes on the stairmaster, 30 minutes on the arctrainer and 20 minutes of upper body weight training…a good sweaty workout is always the best way to start the morning.

I’m lucky enough to have a gym at work that is actually pretty decent…so sometimes, if I have nothing to do during my lunch break, I’ll hop on the bike or elliptical and just do some easy cardio while watching TV. Why not? I sit at a desk all day and i’m barely moving around, so I’d rather be active then not really knowing what to do with myself. It doesnt happen everyday and I dont usually do the second workout if i’ve run a decent amount of miles that day…but its not super necessary for me or anything. I give super kudos to those runners that do two-a-days! If i wasnt so injury prone, then it might be something I wouldve tried 😉 Annnyyyways, I hopped on the elliptical during my lunch break and did 45 minutes while watching Buffy. Nothing too hard, but I was nice and sweaty by the end of it….mid-day endorphins, dont mind if I do.

Today has also been a bottomless stomach kind of day…i’ve been STARVING all day no matter what I’ve been eating. Luckily i’ve been stuffing my face with pretty healthy foods (ok, I dont count that chunk of smores bake that I maybe took a bite of this morning)…but i’m a ravenous monster on these kind of random days. I’m scared to see what my appetite looks like after those 20 mile runs…watch out now. (Kevin is crying thinking about how much money I’m going to be spending on wings to refuel… Priorities honey.)

Dinner was a complete repeat of last night just because it was so darn delicious and it was all I was thinking about all day. Except this time I added this new feta cheese that I picked up over the weekend since I regretfully forgot all about it last night!

IMG 4299

IMG 4302

I promise I’ll actually have something new when it comes to dinner tomorrow night 😉

Speaking of new…with nothing on our DVR as of late, summer is always a perfect time for me and Kev to watch new shows we’ve been meaning to get into but just havent had a chance to yet. We just finished up Parks and Recreation and now we are moving onto a new show:

IMG 4298

Anyone else watch the Big Bang Theory? I’ve heard nothing but good things about it, so we’re excited.

A pretty chill day around here…it’s supposed to get into the 90s for the next two days around here which will make for fun early morning runs. I have another easy 6 miler on the agenda for tomorrow morning, wish me luck!

Tell me…

Do you ever do two-a-day workouts? 

Do you mind eating the same thing for dinner two nights in a row?

What new shows have you been getting into?