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You know its going to be a good run when its 75 degrees at 5:30 am right? I honestly am not that great at running in the heat, I strapped my camelbak to my hand and headed out for a humid 6 mile run…it wasn’t great but wasnt terrible. I’m hoping that this summer isnt brutal in terms of the temperature of my long runs…I’d hate to run 20 miles in 85 degree heat! 

Yesterday me and Kev made plans to have dinner with my best friend Caroline and her boyfriend Ron…we joked around that it was an adult double date, hahaha like we’d ever be adults! We decided on Old Man Rafferty’s, which is a restaurant close to our old stomping grounds at Rutgers University. Amusingly enough, I wasn’t a huge fan of this place during college, mostly because I thought it was very overpriced mediocre food. Last night was a pleasant surprise because everything was delicious and dinner didn’t turn out to be THAT expensive (especially considering we had a few drinks with dinner as well!)

Please be forewarned that last night did not include healthy food…last night was one of those good to be bad nights:

IMG 4315

IMG 4316

IMG 4317

IMG 4318

Coconut shrimp, Broccoli Bites and Calamari…because you can never have too many fried appetizers to choose from.

I also had a salad with their homemade balsamic to start off but scarfed it down without taking a picture. I’m such a stellar blogger.

I went with the bourbon glazed salmon with a side of veggies and a sweet potato drowned in way too much butter:

IMG 4320

(P.S. the little glorious piece of corn bread in the corner was by far one of my favoritest parts)

Caroline went with the veggie burger with a side of TOTS (yes, they have to be capitalized…because tots are awesome)

IMG 4322

Ron went with a prime rib sandwich:

IMG 4323

And Kevin went with the ribs:

IMG 4321

I wanted to make everyone else feel just as special as me…photographing my food and such 😉

We basically had to be rolled to the car afterwards but it was a really fun night regardless…Another reason Caroline is meant to be my best friend? She sent me a text as soon as I got home that she was already in bed at 9:45 pm with a tator tot hangover….we are both grandmas 🙂

So, obviously I’m not perfect with my eating all the time. Ive just learned to put the past behind me, not regret my not-so-healthy eating choices, and jump right back into it! Thats exactly what I did…woke up and went to spinning at 5:30, which kicked my booty in a great way. I also did 25 minutes of core work, I was BEAT by the end! 

All over blog land everyone LOVES to talk about “overnight oats”. Overnight Oats is essentially cold oatmeal soaked in a mixture of yogurt, milk, chia seeds  “overnight” (or for a few hours) and then topped with whatever you desire. There are a million different combinations and I’ve been meaning to try it out for forever and decided thats what I wanted for dinner tonight! Using Julie’s overnight oats method I combined the following into a bowl:

6 oz of vanilla chobani:

IMG 4324

2/3 cup of quaker oats:

IMG 4332

1/2 a cup of unsweetened almond milk:

IMG 4325

I added 2 TBSP of chia seeds, stirred everything together, and left it in the fridge while I went to work. After work I pulled it out and it looked like this:

IMG 4333

It was VERY thick, so I mixed a little over 1/4 cup more of almond milk to make it a little less chewy. I drizzled some of my blackberry honey on top, sprinkled cinnamon, walnuts and half of a maple almond butter packet:

IMG 4334

Anddd voila, overnight oats!

IMG 4337

The taste is good, but I think I will need to play around with the texture a little more next time…I think i’d only do 1 TBSP of chia seeds next time! Its an interesting experiment foodwise though 🙂

I have 10 miles on the agenda tomorrow…time to crazy and fold some laundry and hit the sack. Happy Friday everyone!!