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I don’t know if I would necessarily call myself a control freak, but I definitely get upset when things that are out of my control really get to me. Last night didn’t end with great news..I had trouble falling asleep and still felt sad when I woke up. I’ve shared with you guys that I’m an emotional eater so although I would’ve loved to dive headfirst into my bag of animal crackers (oh wait, I always want to do that…) I knew that a good dose of endorphins would make me feel better. I had a 6 mile tempo run on the agenda, 1 mile warmup, 4 miles @ 9:39 and 1 mile cooldown…it was perfect running weather, a nice cool 55 degrees at 5:30. I did feel better but I was still in a slight funk the whole day…I guess it’s just one of those days. I’m pretty sure my hormones aren’t exactly helping the situation. 😦

Nobody said that those depressing days are easy, but they happen and I have to deal with them. I had a stressful day at work so that just added to it. Thank GOSH for that morning dose of endorphins!

Dinner was a really simple one that completely screamed summer! Kevin threw some boneless chicken breasts on the grill and marinated them in Honey Chipotle BBQ sauce…he also wrapped some corn with a smear of butter in foil and threw them on as well. I prepped a salad with romaine, olives, carrots, tomatoes, feta cheese and croutons. I also made some balsamic dressing to go with it as well. Diner came together in under an hour and it succeeded in cheering me up a little:

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IMG 4358

Enjoyed with a glass of Crystal Light Pink Lemonade…yes, artificial, but it hit the spot, so i’m not complaining:

IMG 4359

On a side note, you all will probably think i’m crazy but I’m not the biggest fan of watermelon. HOWEVER! For some weird reason i’m really craving it this week so I bought a quarter sized one at the supermarket today…I’m off to cut it up so I can nosh on it for the rest of the week. That’s my random statement of the day 🙂


Sorry for the short post, but yep…just one of those days!


p.s. Please think about donating to my fundraising efforts…I just sent in my recommitment papers so I’m definitely still in the game and I need ALL the help I can get to reach my goals! Seriously, every single dollar counts so anything you could give would be ridiculously appreciated. I love you ALL!

Tell me…

What was your workout today?

How do you react to things you have no control over?

Are you a watermelon fan?