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I was more then ready for my 4 mile easy run this morning…its been a rough week and endorphins always put a smile on my face. Another perfectly cool morning despite the temps rising into the 90s today…cant every run be this easy? 😉

It was another stressful day at work, but my hormones were in overdrive, making me feel pretty upset for the first half of the day. That on top of the fact that I forgot my phone at home and was late for work didnt help matters. I hit up the elliptical on my lunch break and felt soooo much better afterwards. My random 2nd workout of the day worked wonders. It helped that I had a delicious healthy lunch to look forward to! I packaged up leftover chicken and salad from last night and used it as a wrap filling…drizzled with balsamic. 

IMG 4360

Served with a side of watermelon…I was happyface for the rest of the afternoon 🙂

IMG 4361

Kev and I definitely knew we wanted to go out to dinner for date night but went back and forth about where to go! We decided to go out on a date at Ria Mar. This is the place where Kev took me out on our first Valentines Day together! We’ve been together for a little over 2 and a half years so its been over 2 years since we’ve been there! Way overdue if you ask both of us…but it definitely felt a little nostalgic 🙂 They have really yummy portuguese food and although I personally think the best portuguese food in NJ is in ironbound Newark, this place is a close second.

I had a glass of sangria with my meal that was fantabulous!

IMG 4362

We started with crusty bread and a salad that was drenched in delicious dressing:

IMG 4363

Kevins favoritest thing at this place is the shrimp in garlic sauce…it seriously doesnt disappoint, we were both talking about how we wanted to swim in the sauce:

IMG 4364

Kevin ordered the sirloin steak with mushrooms…and also a side of broccoli with the one of the best rices I’ve ever tasted (my Dads rice is #1 in my book)

IMG 4365

IMG 4366

I had the dried cod, portuguese style…I wanted to try something different and it was successful…so.ridiculously.yum.

IMG 4367

It was served with seasoned baby potatoes and had the bone in…this dish reminded me of something that my dad would enjoy SO much so me and Kev said we definitely have to take my family here soon!

It was the date night I absolutely needed after a draining week…I’m so ready for the weekend its not even funny. Happy almost weekend!!

Tell me…

How has your week been treating you?

If you like fish, whats your favorite kind?

Where did you go on your first Valentines Day date with your significant other? If you are single, whats one of your favorite restaurants?