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I’ve read on multiple blogs about making your own banana soft serve from scratch and it looked so easy that I definitely needed to try it out…in the upper 90 degree weather we’ve been having lately, what better timing?!

Seriously, all you need is a food processor and 2 frozen bananas…place frozen bananas in food processor, blend for about 5 minutes, stopping to scrape the sides when necessary until it becomes smooth, just like the consistency of soft serve!

IMG 4370

IMG 4371

IMG 4374

Yes, that is my hello kitty toaster in the background 🙂 and yes, this was SO easy and SO delicious. You need to try it ASAP bc its a fun, healthy frozen treat that is perfect for summer!

Saturday morning was HOT. I woke up at 6 am and it was already 75 degrees 😦 I did a hot 11 miles and I was dead by the end. For future reference, I will need to wake up earlier for those longer runs in the heat, AY! I look even worse then normal since the sunblock I use makes me glisten even more then normal…Kevin laughs at how shiny I am when I walk in the door. Actually, I had stopped at Dunkin Donuts to grab a bottle of water midway through a lady standing to the side with her daughter was laughing over how drenched I looked…I suppose I shouldve been semi-offended but I was too hot to care 😉 

As soon as my sister walked in the door later that day, I told her we needed to get some froyo…I think it should be mandatory to have froyo excursions when the temperature is almost reaching 100 degrees out!

IMG 0809

I went with the cappucino and cheesecake flavored yogurt…cheesecake flavored won in my book. but the crumbled grasshopper cookies totally stole the show in the end!

Sunday we headed to a graduation party for someone in Kevin’s family…I was so incredibly happy that it wasn’t held outside because the humidity and heat was killer yesterday, even worse then saturday. Yay for indoor parties with AC…oh and the lovely company and delicious food didnt hurt either:

IMG 4377

IMG 4386

IMG 4378

IMG 4381

IMG 4379

IMG 4391

Sundays are always…healthy days around here 😉

When I got home, I wanted to relax but still had some prep work for food for the week. I prepped black bean quinoa burgers to cook for Tuesday night dinner and also made Almond Butter Quinoa Granola except I made it with White Chocolate Wonderful PB instead!

IMG 4392

IMG 4393

I thought the change in nut butter would change the flavor but honestly it tastes similar! haha, how weird is that? I’ll prob go back to my trusty AB next time!

Its a weird week with the 4th of July thrown in the middle of the week, and Kevin has some weird days off so we’re actually heading right out the door for some froyo and a movie! Hope everyone is enjoying their Monday, tell me about your weekend in the comments, how did you beat the heat?