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What a weird week with a holiday smack dab in the middle of it huh?

Monday night me and Kev rushed out to grab some froyo (delicious and not pictured, but i had vanilla with chocolate sprinkles)…it hit the spot and I was so excited that they do buy one get one free frozen yogurts there!!! We were heading to the movies right after so I couldnt really take advantage of it but i’m thinking tonight I definitely will be 😉 I digress…

We went to see Ted because Kevin was dying to see it. It was ok…not exactly my cup of tea humor wise but I did laugh at a couple of parts. Just be warned its very crude and sexual so if you aren’t into that kind of stuff, you probably won’t find it funny at all.

I got to bed earlyish but since we shared a coke zero during the movie I had a hard time falling asleep….and having 6 miles of speedwork on the agenda for Tuesday morning is great when you have a lack of sleep to deal with! I ended up only doing 3 miles of speedwork (I was supposed to do 1600m @ 9:00 with 800m recovery with a 1 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down) and just ran the rest easy. My peroneal tendon on my left foot was acting up and I dont want to aggravate it more by trying to be speedy when I’m not feeling up to it!

I ended up also hitting up the elliptical on my lunch break, so I had crazy endorphins going on! I knew I’d be not working on Weds and that was fine with me, so I didnt mind the extra exertion for Tuesday. I snacked on some fresh cherries beforehand…cant get enough of these this summer!

IMG 4395

Lunch was random but yummy…I put together a salad with chickpeas, carrots, tomatoes, olives and feta…topped with Annies Herb Balsamic Dressing:

IMG 4399

IMG 4396

I also had some buffalo hummus and these new pita pockets I picked up…I’m such a space cadet, I thought the whole thing was one serving but this was actually two servings! Oh well, I was starving so I didnt really care 😉

IMG 4397

IMG 4398

Sometimes random lunches are the best!

Nina was at my apartment when I got home so we hung out as I made a quinoa salad to bring to my parents BBQ on Weds…then we retreated to the deck and hung out, had some drinks…when Kevin got home we threw corn and the Black Bean Quinoa burgers I had prepped on Sunday…a really chill, fun Tuesday night. It was beautiful out and a great summer night.

We woke up early the next morning to head to Kevin’s parents house where his family had met up and we hung out over a delicious breakfast spread…which I forgot to take a picture of, so i’m a fail! After breakfast we headed down the street to watch the 4th of July parade that comes through town. My town is really small but the whole town essentially shuts down on the 4th of July…its like christmas to them, I swear! I’ve loved getting to spend the holiday there though, the parade is really cute to watch:

IMG 0303

IMG 0313

IMG 0315

IMG 0321

IMG 0326

IMG 0329

IMG 0344

IMG 0363

IMG 0387

The parade was great as usual but BOY was it hot! As soon as it was over, we started walking back towards the apartment, trying to beat the heat. We ended up seeing some friends outside BBQing so we stopped by and said hey 🙂 We decided to stop into the town bar really quickly as well, since we are friends with all the bartenders but havent seen them in forever…Since Kevin doesn’t drink anymore, there really isn’t many times that we get out over there, so it was nice to see everyone!

IMG 0420

IMG 0421

We finally got back to our apartment but then had to leave to drive to Union to see my parents. They were throwing their own BBQ and they have a pool, so we were totally down for that!

IMG 0422

IMG 0423

IMG 0424

It was getting hotter as the day wore on…I took turns dunking the dogs in the pool so that they didnt overheat…you also dont want to see the crazy tan lines that i’ve got going on 😉

We stayed for a couple hours and then drove back down to Milltown to hang out at one more BBQ at a friends house and then went down towards the park to watch the fireworks show…Kevin laid down a blanket and we laid down together watching them…I dont think I could have asked for a better day. I like to joke that i’m jinxed when it comes to the 4th of July since I’ve had such dramatic ones in the past couple years but this is the 2nd year in the row that i’ve had an excellent holiday! I want to keep this streak up 🙂

IMG 0810

IMG 4402

So now comes the time that I have to be honest with you guys…I ate terribly yesterday! I didnt workout, I ate a lot of chips, burgers, hot dogs, cake pops and ended my day with a grilled cheese Kevin made me as soon as we got home…I woke up today feeling bloated and blah, BUT i’m not going to beat myself up over it and i’m just hopping right back onto the healthy train! Holidays are tough and sometimes I get through them just fine but well…you win some, you lose some right? I won’t sit here and regret having SUCH an awesome day!

I hit up the treadmill for 5 miles on my lunch break today and it felt great!

Todays dinner was a good one…saladworks, yay!

IMG 4405

Into the mix was grilled turkey, blue cheese crumbles, egg whites, sunflower seeds, tomatoes and fat free honey mustard on the side…YUM!

And we are off to grab another froyo cone…healthy lifestyle right? 😉

Tell me…

Do you keep healthy when it comes to holidays or do you let yourself indulge?